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Easily Transfer an Accessory to a Dummy Bone from Model’s Hand in MMD


How can I transfer an accessory to a dummy bone in MMD? Is there some trick to making a smooth transition when you move an accessory from a model to a dummy bone in MikuMikuDance? Originally published on in October, 2013 Transfer an Accessory to a Dummy Bone Making the transition of an accessory […]

Make an MMD Music Video Bo Beep Bo Beep!


How do I make an MMD music video? Where do I find the files to make my MMD music video? How do  I use MikuMikuDance? How can I find new models and motions for MMD? Make an MMD Music Video Bo Beep Bo Beep ! This morning I decided that I wanted to make something […]

Add Facial Slider Options Using PMDE Enhance your MMD Models


Use PMDE to Add/Modify/Manipulate your Model’s Facial Slider Features! Hello everyone! Welcome to another article of mine. Today, we’ll cover the subject of using PMDE to add and modify the options available on your model’s Facial Sliders… But before that, a few words of warning you might want to keep in mind. First off, make […]

NCHLShader2 adds realistic depth to MMD models


Download NCHLShader2. How do I use NCHL Shader? How can I make my MMD models look more realistic? What shaders should I use? How do I use MME shaders? How to use NCHLShader2 NCHL Shader by nil is a very fun shader to use. The possibilities with it are endless; you can mix and match […]

How to Use the L EdgeShader Effect for MikuMikuDance.

L_EdgeShader_Ver 1.00

How do I download the L EdgeShader Ver1.00? How can I use those edge effects like L EdgeShader Ver1.00? L EdgeShader Ver1.00 is now available where do I get it? How to Use the L EdgeShader Effect. I will be the first to admit that most effect articles are fairly easy to write. Most effects […]

Troubleshooting MMD errors and setting up


How do I fix MMD errors? How do I fix the side-by-side error? How do I fix the missing DLL error? How do I setup MikuMikuDance? How do I solve MMD problems? Hey LearnMMD readers, it`s parkeerwacht with another tutorial. This time it is a very basic one! How do you solve common issues with […]

How To Make MMD Pictures and Videos Like a Pro

3D Gasai Yuno

How can I create MMD pictures like a Pro? What effects will make my MMD pictures better? What effects will enhance my MMD pictures? How can my MMD pictures become “art”? How To Make MMD Pictures and Videos Like a Pro! Hi guys! My name is Sakura Xaviera but you can call me Xav. I […]

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