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Using the Beamman’s Digital Ripple Effect

NeKo MANiac aMMDy, 08 October 2014, No comments
Categories: Digital Ripple, MME Effects Tutorials, NeKo MANiac aMMDy

A feature article by LearnMMD's Neko MANiac aMMDy!How do you use the Digital Ripple effect in MMD?  What is the Digital Ripple effect in MMD? LearnMMD MME Tutorials. Where do you download the Digital Ripple effect for MMD or MME?

Using the Beamman’s Digital Ripple Effect

You can download the Digital Ripple effect from http://www43.atwiki.jp/beamman/

Digital Ripple File Map - CLICK for Large image!

CLICK for larger image.

Note: Digital Ripple works best with either a stage loaded through the accessory manipulation panel or a black background. If a stage is to be loaded, the Digital Ripple effect should come last (or as least after the stage) in the loaded accessory list. To change the order of the list click, Background>accessories edit (A)

Adding Digital Ripple to your video.

Beamman's Digital Ribble effect works best against a dark stage or a black background!After loading your choice of model and motion, load the effect “DigitalRipple.x”, either through the Accessory Manipulation Panel or click and drag the the effect from the file to the GUI.

Once you have loaded the effect, change the location values in the Accessory Manipulation Panel. Start with these values: Si = 5, Rx = 90, y = 0.8. Be sure you register your values. Play your video and change any of the values.

Changing the Characteristics of Digital Ripple.

Now, this is where it gets fun! Open the DigitalRipple.fx file using Windows Notepad (found under Accessories in the Start Menu of your Windows OS). This is where you can change the characteristics of the effect by changing the values of eachDigital Ripple FX - CLICK for larger image. options.


Digital Ripple RGB Values - CLICK for larger image.


Save the file. Once the values are saved the characteristics takes effect. Test play your video.


Continue manipulating the values of the Accessory Manipulation Panel and the values of the .fx file until you get the desired effect and location.

Enjoy and make it your own!


Model: TDA Uniform Haku by iRON0129
Motion Data: First Kiss!
Efffects: Adult Shader, Digital Ripple


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Hatsune Miku “LIVE” on David Letterman’s ‘The Late Show’

Reggie_Dentmore, 08 October 2014, No comments
Categories: Random Thoughts & Visions, Reggie Dentmore

Did you see Hatsune Miku on David Letterman's The Late Show?The video of Hatsune Miku on David Letterman’s ‘The Late Show’ has gone Viral with over 900,000 hits in three days!

On October 8th, 2014, our virtual pop star Hatsune Miku made her U.S. television debut with an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman.

On October 9th, the Official video was posted on YouTube … and tonight, the 11th, it has over 933,000 hits!

I never thought I would see Miku on David Letterman’s show! Visit the Miku Expo page and see "Universal Positivity"!Miku’s appearance came the day before the Hatsune Miku Expo 2014, with her art show “Universal Positivity”, opened in New York … and soon to be in Los Angeles, too!

Miku’s “live” performance on Letterman’s show has met with mixed reviews …

The stage was set with Miku’s “screen” placed well back on the small stage, with the band members out in front of the screen. She may have looked 3D and “live, on stage!” to the studio audience … but to us, the television viewing audience, she was totally flat and cartoon-like. In fact, she was so TWO-D that, in my opinion, she might as well have BEEN a cartoon image. Only once or twice did we get a hint that she may, indeed, be a 3D image.

Her song, her voice, was created using Vocaloid, and was high-pitched and difficult to understand  … I had decided that she was singing a Japanese song … but I later learned that the song was sung in English … who knew?? I would have thought that, in preparation for her U.S. national television debut, the artists creating the presentation would have been more careful to present her in the best light possible … singing the song with nice enunciation and clarity … but there it was … hard to decipher.

Still …

It was fun to see Miku “onstage”. David Letterman introduced her as he would have any other closing act on his show. … And he was respectful of the group at the close of the act; making only a small joke about how she disappeared into wisp of “smoke” as if something you might experience on-board Willie Nelson’s bus.

Over 933-thousand views in under three days says it all … Miku is popular and the world is curious about her. What fun!

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Using the Blood Effect in MMD MikuMikuDance

ZoidsFanatic, 03 October 2014, No comments
Categories: Accessory Manipulation/Adjust, MMD Tutorials, ZoidsFanatic

Feature article by ZoidsFanatic on LearnMMD.com.Are there blood effects for MikuMikuDance? How can I splash some blood in MMD? What can I use for blood in my Halloween video?

Halloween is just around the corner…

Using blood “effects” in MMD

Well, Halloween is just around the corner folks. So no doubt we’ll start seeing the annual influx of Miku in seasonal-themed witch outfits (not that it’s a bad thing mind). But for some users, they may want to skip the “cute-witch” theme and instead focus on the horror aspect for their MMD Halloween. And MMD, being the all-powerful deity we know and love, can easily cater to our horror needs. Well, almost. Back in my days of searching DeviantArt for MMD art (which were dark and horror-filled days. I’ll save that for another article though) one thing I kept noticing was that most users did not know how to add blood into MMD. Some users used Microsoft Paint, more advanced users used their fancy photoshops or whatever new photo-manipulation software kids are using nowadays. But it seemed that there was no blood accessory or effect for MMD… decent blood accessory/effect I should say.

Guess people just didn’t know where to look. Thanks in part to the user Mio-nee, we now have ourselves the perfect blood effect. Or spilled jam effect if you’re squeamish. So grab your haunted house, your zombie hoard, and let’s get started!

Nothing says Halloween quite like poorly applied 3D blood!

Nothing says Halloween quite like poorly applied 3D blood!

This blood “effect” (actually it’s an accessory, but effect sounds cooler) comes in a pack of eight or so different “types” of splatters. All are .X file-based, but thanks to accessory manipulation adjusting the size and position of the blood is a piece of cake… errr, spilled jam. Now, getting the blood to stick onto a wall or floor is easy but how about that zombie hoard I mentioned not a mere three sentences ago? Well, that can be as easy and or as hard as you make it.

If you’re planning on just making a simple picture (like the one pictured) then this should be a snap. Simply select the version of blood you want and then “add” it to your model/set. Well I say “add”, but for objects that are not flat surfaces you’ll have to use the magic of perspective! Take my avatar (yes that is my MMD avatar. Looks nothing like me) for example. The blood seen on him was “added” in MMD. All I did was simple place the blood in front of the model and then adjusted the size and position to make it look like its attached to my model. Clever, but I’m assuming most users know about manipulation of perspective.

This being said, if you want the blood to “wrap” around the model for your videos or GIFs, you’ll need to manually attach the blood texture to your models texture using .PMDE or .PMDX. I myself haven’t worked with such usage, so I can’t really be your guide. All I can say is that if you know how to work Photoshop and spend a little time on the positioning you’ll be fine. Just make sure you Read more

How to tame unruly skirts: fix fluttering parts in MMD 9.xx+

KillerBeer, 27 September 2014, No comments
Categories: Fixing Broken Models, KillerBeer, MMD Basics, Nuts & Bolts, Physics Engine

A feature article by KillerBeerWhy some parts of my model shake like crazy, even while in static? What can I do to stop my skirt from fluttering? How can I fix fluttering parts?

When the “better” physics turns to do worse

Newer MMD physics sometimes can be too good for this world - learn to deal with it!

AAAH!!! I’m not her model, please make it stop!

Ninth generation of MikuMikuDance releases, along with new possibilities, also brought new problems. Newest versions’ physics engine, far superior compared to its predecessors, also may reveal certain glitches and negligences in existing models’ rigging that did not matter to previous versions. Sometimes, when you try to apply pose or motion files to a model, its physic-imbued parts start to flutter uncontrollably, providing you with pantsu shots when you least ask for it. It may be speculated, that the engine perceives the loading of such a file as a sharp and global movement of the whole model – haven’t you seen model’s hair and skirt wave realistically when you simply move it around? Usually models recover from such a shock to the system in a second or two, but some of them, due to said rigging deficiencies, fall into the self-sustaining positive feedback loop. So far (up to 9.22 version) this issue hasn’t been resolved yet. Perhaps editing such models in PMDE/PMXE could iron out glitches that lead to this behavior… sadly, the collective mind of LearnMMD does not possess necessarily knowledge yet. Fortunately, the problem still can be solved in other ways.

Plan A: Mostly harmless

The simplest solution is usually the most efficient oneThe simplest method of all is to reset the physics engine entirely. Select Menu->physical operation (P)->no calculation(N) and then Menu->physical operation (P)->on/off mode(O) again (or whatever mode was selected before that you find appropriate). That should quench physical bones’ chaotic oscillation completely or at least tone it down to ‘natural’ levels. If that is good enough for you, you don’t actually need to Read more

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