PMD Editor Basics, now in English – Modify Your MMD Models!

MikuMikuDance How can I change the color of my models? How can I edit my models in MMD? Is there a tutorial for PMD Editor PMDE available in English?A Feature Article by Stella The Alchemist on!

Make Your Own MMD Models – PMD Editor Basics

Ever wanted a model of  a certain character, but haven’t been able to find it? Or the only one you can find doesn’t look right? Or maybe you have a great idea for a model, but can’t make it. PMD Editor makes it easy to change the color of your MMD models.I know I’ve had all 3 problems before, from the day I first downloaded dear old MMD 5-point-something. (Don’t worry, I’ve upgraded since then. xD)

Well, today we’re going to learn how to fix this problem, or at least start learning how! My name is Stella, and I am an ambitious (Sometimes a bit too ambitious) MMD modeler, with experience in all aspects of PMD Editor. I’m going to teach you the basics, starting with the interface. I’ll even teach you how to make your very first model – and use it! Sound fun to you? Then keep reading. ;D

Download PMX / PMD Editor!

You can download an English version of PMD Editor here:

This is a new link, new to LearnMMD as of 2/14/2014. It’s a PMX / PMD Editor in English. Visit ibozo’s dA page by following that link!

When you first open PMD Editor, you’ll no doubt see something like this.

The empty screen of PMD Editor just begs you to open an MMD model. Let's get started!

This may seem a bit confusing and intimidating to a newbie. Sure, there are a lot of things that are just like MMD. There is a bone in the middle (Which is always there for some reason), and our good friend, the coordinate axis. There’s also the camera control buttons in the upper right corner, just like in MMD.

But WAIT! What’s this? A whole separate window, with just text?! Blasphemy! O:

Yes, it will probably come as a shock to most of you used to MMD, where everything is all in one window. However, PMD Editor has so many things to do and so many features that it couldn’t possibly all fit! So the creative geniuses (Whoever they may be; I wish I knew…) behind PMDE came up with a unique solution: The tabs.

If you look at the smaller window, you will notice that it has several tabs, much like most internet browsers – Likely including the one you’re reading this post in! These are the editing tabs. Each tab pertains to a specific aspect of a model, be it bones, materials, physics, or whatever. The Tabs let you adjust all of your parameters. PMDE for use with MMD 7.39 models.The tabs are, as follows: GE, the info tab; VR, the I-Don’t-Know-What-It-Does tab; —, a tab that seems to be there purely for spacing… no clue what the point of that is…; MA, the materials tab; BON, the bones tab; IK, the IK bones tab; FA, the facial expression/sliders tab; GRP, the grouping tab; ENGL, the English info tab; Toon, the toons (PMD-speak for… um… shadingy-ness…) tab; PH, the physics tab; And finally, Joint, the joint tab. (Learn more: see the READ ME English text file inside the PMD Editor download folder.)

Recoloring an MMD model …

For this project, all we will need is the materials tab. We will be recoloring a model, the most basic of all edits. Now, I won’t lie to you; If you’re like me, someday you’ll look at this model and cringe in horror. “Oh god! Why would I make such a horrible edit? Only noobs do that! My latest models are sooo much better!” Well, don’t get discouraged! I started out doing recolors too, much as I may hate to admit it. ^_^’ Even if they’re not as fancy as Gijinshi-san or Nanami-san’s models, you’re not going to get anywhere if you don’t learn, and the first step of learning is recoloring. If you do this, you’ll have started on your way to becoming a great modeler. Someday you’ll be amazing. Don’t give up!

Keep the Faith MMD! Keep MikuMikuDance Free. Be a responsible member of the Community. Know the rules.

EDITOR’S NOTE: While it is easy to make changes to your model, the creator of your model may have requested restrictions on the copying, modifying, and redistribution of his artistic creation. See the READ ME document included with most models to see if the author has asked for you to respect him in these ways. If you modify a model for your amusement, you may use it in a video, but do not share it or make the link available online unless you know, for certain, that you have the permission to do so.
See this link for the MMD Rules of Etiquette.

So, the first thing you’ll want to do is load up the model you want to recolor. I’ll be using Animasa Miku. Next, switch to the materials tab, or MA. This is what you should see:

It’s hard to see here … so click on that picture to see the enlarged view. There’s a list of materials, named MA with a number: MA0, MA1, MA2, and so on, all the way through MA16. These are the materials; Basically different parts of the model. (More on that later.) Each material has its own specific color. The color and Changing the color of your MMD model is easy with PMD Editor.appearance of the material are determined by a combination of 3 factors: Diffuse, Specular, and Ambient. Diffuse is the base color. Ambient is another part of the color; They both combine to create the color you see on the model. You can click on the box with the color in it to change it. Some combinations may have unexpected results… try playing around a bit! You never know what you might get! ;3

Specular is basically the color light reflects as. This is generally set to some shade of black. It won’t make much of a noticeable difference in PMDE, but if you change it, you’ll be able to see it in MMD.

If you look, you’ll also notice fields with numbers next to each color type. These affect different qualities of the material. Next to the diffuse is A, or alpha. This changes the transparency. This can be anywhere between 0 and 1. Next to the specular is shininess, which is rather self-explanitory. The higher the number, the higherRIN! - What have you done to your hair??! ... and that dress! PMDE allows easy recoloring. the shiny. Shiiiiny… 8D This won’t make much of a difference unless the specular is a light color. Finally, next to the ambient we have line, which decides whether or not the part will have an edge line. It can be either 0 or 1. 0 is no edge line, 1 is edge line.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know to make your very first model, a simple recolor. ^_^ Play around with these settings, and see what you can do! And remember, don’t be afraid to experiment on your own. Explore the rest of PMDE! See all of the MikuMikuDance tutorials available on See the List of MMD Tutorials on the LearnMMD homepage. Learn more! There’s no limit to what you can do.

– SEE BELOW for MORE ARTICLES on similar subjects …

Visit the Homepage! Plenty of Mikumikudance instruction and info! invites you to START HERE for Step-by-Step instructions for MikuMikuDance

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113 Responses, Leave a Reply
  1. Arizona
    18 May 2012, 1:30 pm

    Strong debut article! I hope to learn alot from you! I know just a little less than nothing about the PMD editor.
    P.S. Glad to see another Teto avatar $(>_<)$ on these pages.

  2. Picadude
    21 May 2012, 1:40 pm

    I did not know that PMD Editor was available in English. I always wanted to try it! Thank you!

  3. Pockiiey
    03 June 2012, 5:10 pm

    errrrr…I see the small one where it just says PMD…
    not the big window. D8

  4. dawn
    27 June 2012, 7:02 pm

    tutorial is great! unfortunately,recoloring isn’t working on my compu -_-

  5. FicticiousAnimation
    01 August 2012, 4:53 pm

    If the big “PMD View” window isn’t showing up go to the small window and click the “edit” buttton and then click the “PMD View”.
    That’s how you do it in the japanese version, anyway. it may be different in Showmo’s old English version.

  6. […] that you have your files, you can add them to a model. To do this, open your model in PMD Editor. (See my article about Downloading PMDE in English.) Remember the tabs? Find the materials tab and switch to it. Find the material you want to apply […]

  7. KawaiiKiersten
    22 August 2012, 11:08 am

    Hi there.
    I’m very glad that I found this from you!
    Anywho,I downloaded the editor,but,when I try to open it,the only thing that pops up is the separate window. >o<
    Do I have to open something else,or is it my computer?

  8. Reggie_Dentmore
    22 August 2012, 7:20 pm

    There is a “PMD View” that looks like the MMD Stage. So … if you open PMDE and get only THE OTHER screen … the one that looks like a bunch of tabs and an empty Notes window, go to the View menu and select PMD View to open the stage window. … Yes? … Please let me know if that solves your problem. Thanks … and thanks for reading!

  9. WooahWooah
    27 October 2012, 8:09 am

    Every time I have gotten it installed,I open it up,an error pops up,then the actual thing pops up.Except it’s just a white screen,and when I try to ex out of it,it won’t let me.

  10. Reggie_Dentmore
    27 October 2012, 12:24 pm

    What does the ERROR say? Which OS are your running … XP, 7, Vista?? We’re here to help! email

  11. […] Editor) to change the properties of the transparent parts, themselves, within your PMD/PMX models. Find the Links to Download PMDE in English, here, on […]

  12. beebeezee
    21 November 2012, 7:38 pm

    How do you put an MMD model on PMD? Like, how do you get a model to open on PMD? o.o”

  13. Arizona
    23 November 2012, 9:56 am

    Hey BeeBeeZee!
    This is Arizona. I hope I can be of some help to you.
    This is how I open a Model in PMDEditor. Without opening MMD, go to your User file. You should have your model in the “Model” folder. Click until you are able to see all the parts that make up the model (.bmps,toons,.sphs etc).
    Now open up the PMDEditor. and two windows should open up: an edit window and a viewer window.
    Go back to your model’s folder and click and drag the completed model’s file (depending on your computer’s view settings, it should have Miku smiling at you. Otherwise,it should be listed as a .pmd or .pmx file) into the view window.
    That should do it. Hope this helps! Please feel free to contact us for any additional questions. Good Luck!

  14. FicticiousAnimation
    25 November 2012, 5:25 pm

    Find the model you want to open, and drag and drop it onto the PMD Editor.

  15. Reggie_Dentmore
    02 December 2012, 8:32 am

    I don’t have an answer … maybe one of my co-authors will. Have you seen our new FORUMS page? (In the green bar at the top of every page) … you can ask a question there and more readers will see it. Please let me know if it works for you!

  16. FicticiousAnimation
    02 December 2012, 2:14 pm

    The textures have to be in the same folder as the model when you put the hair on. If it’s still not working then try changing your system locale to Japanese (It won’t make everything Japanese, lol.)… If it’s just broken or something you can always give it your own color.

  17. Fidofia
    04 December 2012, 12:00 am

    Recently, I got a base and started making my mmd model in PMDE I haven’t fixed all glitches yet, but one major thing I have realised is that if you apply motion data which brings them model away from the centre, the mother bone remains in the default position, slowly dragging them model into it during the length of the animation. Do you know how to fix this?

  18. Stella the Alchemist
    04 December 2012, 9:59 am

    Hmm, that’s weird… I don’t think I’ve heard of that before. Is it all motion datas, or just one?

  19. FicticiousAnimation
    05 December 2012, 10:20 pm

    Delete the motherbone.

  20. Cutelilkitten96
    14 December 2012, 1:33 pm

    To fix that, you can try selecting all the bones then use the “apply center bias” to wherever you want — It worked for me.

  21. Miku Hatusune
    19 December 2012, 3:32 am

    It worked!

  22. icecream
    27 December 2012, 10:54 pm

    umm… i wanted to recolor something on my model but when i went to MA all i saw were MA1 (sortof like that) and so on, but without color. when i would click on it, nothing happens. HELP!! PLEASE!!

  23. Stella the Alchemist
    28 December 2012, 6:45 pm

    That’s odd. I don’t think I’ve heard of a problem like that before. Do you know what model you were using?

  24. […] MMD models don’t actually have motherbones! How can we fix this? It’s simple, really. First, open your model in PMD Editor. In the main editor (Not PMD Viewer), go to the Edit tab. Go to the “Bone” option, and hit […]

  25. Yukanna
    02 February 2013, 3:29 am

    Hi there!I already Open PMD Editor but it says it needs Net Framework?Is this an error or what?

  26. Stella the Alchemist
    02 February 2013, 2:53 pm

    That’s weird. O__o’ I’ve never heard of that before. Sounds like more of a computer issue than PMDE, I think.

  27. FicticiousAnimation
    05 February 2013, 3:52 pm

    PMD Editor told you what the error is. It’s a .NET Framework error. This should fix it. If it doesn’t Google should find plenty of PMD Editor install tutorials for you. (Almost everybody has a favorite .NET version so good luck with that. XD.)

  28. Lily
    13 February 2013, 11:29 pm

    What if the PMD Editor does not work on your PC?

  29. shasha
    20 February 2013, 10:17 pm

    how to recolour the eyes

  30. Kisa
    27 February 2013, 12:36 pm

    so I have a LAT male base and I’m planning on making a Hisoka Kurosaki model, Well I can’t figure out how to add clothing and such. Do I just open the clothing in the same window or what? My second problem is FINDING the clothing. Where can I get that!?

  31. Stella the Alchemist
    28 February 2013, 9:59 am

    @Lily Um… I don’t know. That’s kind of a really general question. I don’t know what kind of computer you have, so I can’t really help much… Sorry. D:

    @Shasha You change the texture. I believe Noko2 did an article on it, you could try looking at that for a more detailed explanation. :3

    @Kisa Well, first you go to the bone tab. Then you drag the file you want to add (Let’s say, “Shirt.pmd”) to the bone window. I haven’t used PMDE in a while and I don’t really have it set up on my laptop, so I don’t remember exactly what to do, but I think you click one of the options on the side when the window pops up… And then it should import. Fitting and weighting are whole separate topics, but I think there are some articles on those on LearnMMD as well, and if you really need help it’s pretty easy to find tutorials on DeviantART. Hope that helps :3

  32. FailAlchemist
    11 March 2013, 4:52 pm

    I’m kinda having problems… I downloaded the PMDE and when I open he application a window pops up that says. “Init Error” and so I click OK. Then another one comes up that says “Direct3DX 9 was not found. Please install the latest DirectX end-user redistributable package from Microsoft.” and I click OK again. Then yet another window comes up saying “Form Init Error” and yet again I click OK. Then two windows come up. One is the little window in what PMDE is supposed to look like, and the other says “Plugins load failed.” and so I click OK on the error one and it goes away and the other one stays up. It doesn’t look right and I cant really do much so I try and exit out of it, but another window comes up. It says “Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately.
    Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” I click Quit because I want to get out of it but when I do, the window I was trying to close originally stays. so I try and close it again but this time I click continue and the same thing happens. I end up having to restart my computer or delete the whole PMDE. I have re-downloaded several times and keep having this problem, if anyone could help that would be awesome. I have tried the ‘View’ and then ‘PMDview’ thing and that doesn’t work…. I have no idea why.

  33. Reggie_Dentmore
    12 March 2013, 6:58 am

    Which operating system are you using … XP, Vista, 7? … desktop? laptop? The LearnMMD Downloads page has a DirectX 9 Update you can download … don’t know about Direct3DX 9 … I hope we can figure this out!

  34. FailAlchemist
    12 March 2013, 9:47 am

    I downloaded the DirectX 9 update and it’s working now! Yay! Thanks~

  35. Reggie_Dentmore
    12 March 2013, 6:01 pm


  36. Alanna_Dixon
    27 April 2013, 9:23 am

    When i hit MMEffect in the upper right hand corner it dosent open if im doing something wrong can you tell me how to open MME

  37. Reggie_Dentmore
    28 April 2013, 7:17 am

    If you click the MME button in the upper right hand corner, you should get a drop-down, listing things you can do … is that not happening? The “install” of MME is to simply place those 3 .DLL files into the same folder as your MMD program. I believe that the fact you HAVE the MME button, at all, means you have installed it correctly. DID you try to load an effect? Did it work?

  38. misa zatsune
    29 April 2013, 6:06 pm

    i tried but every time i open it i get a bunch of errors and the screen does not pop u the one that lets you make now models does not pop up help please

  39. FicticiousAnimation
    30 April 2013, 11:28 am

    Everybody has this problem, including me when I first started. at the bottom of the description on that page is exactly what you need to download to get it working. If you do all that and it still doesn’t work, then your PC is too weak and it will never work on your computer (but I highly doubt that’s the case.)

  40. nabila
    19 May 2013, 6:00 pm

    I’m having a problem.
    I’ve asked the person who made the English version of PMD Editor but I haven’t gotten an answer yet so I thought some one here could help…
    Every time I open a model, I can’t see them. I can only see a black outline of the model.

  41. Naomi
    04 June 2013, 6:33 am

    I tried dragging my models into the view window but my computer told me that it failed. :/ Is there only one kind of model that works with PMD?

  42. Scary Siren
    17 June 2013, 2:36 pm

    Um…I’m trying to make a model, but which import do I use and what do I click (VE, MA, M, etc.)? I’ve been working at this for a while now, and I can’t seem to figure it out…

  43. Taya
    06 July 2013, 10:38 am

    When I try loading a model onto my PMD editor (English version), It comes up with an error pop-up saying “Cannot Open”, does anyone know how to get this to stop? I’ve tried the dragging the model to the view box method and that doesn’t work, and even basic models won’t load onto PMD, someone help??

  44. seanna
    16 July 2013, 12:28 pm

    i keep getting error messages and then just the window with the tabs not the thingy that shows up the model is thee something else that i need to download with it??

  45. MMD-Nay-PMD
    20 July 2013, 5:43 am

    @nabila There are a few reasons this could happed:

    1. Are the model texture in the same folder as the model you are trying to open? If they are not then they cannot load and instead the models come out white.

    2. Are the textures are in giberish (Japanese names have gone weird)? Because the names names have gone funny, they no longer correspond to the names applied to them in PMD. Rename them and also rename them in PMD to fix.

    3. Are you trying to open it straight from the .zip/.rar file? If so then that is the only file the PMD editor is going to recognise as it will not be able to read the picture files included in the .zip/.rar file. Simply extract them and reload :)

  46. MMD-Nay-PMD
    20 July 2013, 5:45 am

    @Naomi What of file are you trying to drag into the PMD Editor? The English version will only accept .PMD files and .X files.

    If you are trying to open .PMX files, you will need to download the latest PMD Editor that is in Japanese.

  47. MMD-Nay-PMD
    20 July 2013, 6:05 am

    @Scary Siren The two types of import from the menu are:

    1. Import (In which the options VR, MA, M, etc. come up). This one is for when you want to import a specific section of the model. Did you notice that they corrispond with the tabs PMD gives you?

    VR = Are the Vectors, I have never used these on their own in my life o.O
    MA = Material. These are the colours, textures, spa’s, etc.
    M = I also have never used this tab.
    BON = The bones.
    IK = IK settings.
    FA = The facials.
    GRP = I am not all that sure as I have never used them on their own.

    2. FullImport. This is exactly as it says, imports all of the options above that is needed for the model.

  48. MMD-Nay-PMD
    20 July 2013, 6:09 am

    @Taya You may need to update your DirectX :)

  49. MMD-Nay-PMD
    20 July 2013, 6:13 am

    @seanna Indeed~ There are a few programs that are needed to be installed with it, but don’t worry, these are all safe to use and you may even have some installed already!
    Take a look at at the bottom, there are links to what you need to download. If you look at the comments of there you will see a post from me recently giving a new link to the one that has been deleted :)

  50. Zoe
    24 July 2013, 11:27 am

    when i open the pmd, an error pops up, and its a seperate screen, there is no coordinate axis and the other page is not translated. can someone help me out with this?

  51. Reggie_Dentmore
    24 July 2013, 7:20 pm

    So … what does the error statement say?

  52. Ashuri
    19 October 2013, 5:26 am

    I open the PMD editor; which seems to be working, but there is no coordinate axis and I can’t load my model… Can you help?

  53. Reggie_Dentmore
    19 October 2013, 7:42 pm

    Did you check the View menu … There is PMD View (W) … clicking that will open the coordinate grid view window. You can then drag-and-drop your PMD model’s file into that window.

  54. Anonymous
    23 October 2013, 5:43 pm

    I’ve been having this issue of the grid not showing up, and I do the thing with the view menu, and it won’t show up.

  55. Reggie_Dentmore
    23 October 2013, 10:46 pm

    Howdy! – I just sent you an email. Get back to me … let’s figure it out!

  56. Franime
    26 December 2013, 12:40 pm

    What if you have windows 8?

  57. Reggie_Dentmore
    31 December 2013, 6:42 am

    MMDers report that MikuMikuDance works well in Windows 8.

  58. yukiokeitaro
    08 January 2014, 10:56 am

    how do i remove the hair and just keep the model/ how do i remove the model and just keep the hair ?

  59. KillerBeer
    11 January 2014, 7:14 am

    yukiokeitaro: select Edit->Mesh->Del Part. In a list that opens, select one or few items and click Go. If parts that disappear are not that you intended to wipe, revert your action with Ctrl-Z. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  60. KillerBeer
    12 January 2014, 10:19 am

    yukiokeitaro: Actually, you *don’t* have to turn off parts blindly one by one, as I said above – there’s a quicker solution. Select the MA tab of the PMDE, and select parts one by one. In the lower right corner there’s a “Texture” field with a file name. Just bite off a letter from that file name and a part of the model should instantly turn solid white. Restore the letter and the part will be colored again. Thus you can easily determine which is the part you want to delete. Then proceed with the Edit->Mesh->Del Part

  61. yukiokeitaro
    12 January 2014, 12:19 pm

    KillerBeer: i already figured out how to remove the other parts but now imhaving trouble with physics everytime i put the hair and boots in mikumiku dance after taking it out of pmd editor the boots get stuck and the just flops out and goes everywhere i weted it but then physics weren’t working so edited it again but when i turned on the physics miku’s boots and hait just Fummed up endlessly. what do i do?

  62. Priya
    30 January 2014, 4:36 pm

    Why can’t I save my progress? I can’t even click on the FILE tab to open/save stuff. It’s unclickable. Please help?

  63. simnur
    20 February 2014, 9:31 am

    It gives plugin error. What can i do? I downloaded second version.

  64. gsy17
    24 February 2014, 2:56 pm

    the download you put dosent seem to work, or i cant find the download

  65. Reggie_Dentmore
    24 February 2014, 5:30 pm

    You are correct … the old link is dead … but I, just now, corrected the link in the story … Follow the link to ibozo’s dA page, as shown.

  66. Spottedlion10
    17 March 2014, 4:57 pm

    Ok, so I figured out how to open a pmx model into pmd editor and pmx editor, but when I save it as pmd, and open it in pmd editor, the textures are gone, (most of them) How do I fix this?? Please and thank you if you answer

  67. kiko12332
    08 April 2014, 12:08 am

    I need a really big help!!
    what i am going to ask is,
    whenever I open the PMX editor, the tabs will open but not the second one.. Please reply quickly!!

  68. Reggie_Dentmore
    08 April 2014, 5:16 am

    Under VIEW … click Display Model … That will open the second window.

  69. EDITORPMD_Beginner
    19 April 2014, 6:01 am

    please i need help =3= i dont know where to extract it. just like my name. PMD Editor Beginner…. EDITOR alright haha just forgot.. too lazy to edit it.. Alright i really need help where to extract it and why wont it wor =3= it shows VMDView. has stopped working.. Pleaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me =3=

  70. Reggie_Dentmore
    19 April 2014, 6:25 am

    Help will soon be on the way … watch your email … Thanks for reading!

  71. RoseVerdict
    06 June 2014, 6:58 am

    I don’t know if this was covered already, but just to be safe, here’s my dilemma-I open PMD, then I click File>Open, then nothing happens! Am I doing something wrong?

  72. Yuruki-chaan
    16 June 2014, 9:26 am

    when I try to change the colors, it becomes a mess, can you tell me what material changes the : Hair, eyes, and so on, like MA1, what does it change? thanks for reading.

  73. BooKuu
    27 June 2014, 6:01 am

    There is no view window. QAQ What do I do?

  74. BooKuu
    27 June 2014, 6:01 am

    There is no view window. QAQ What do I do?

  75. Jenni
    01 July 2014, 5:48 am

    i am having a bit of a problem with recoloring. i am trying to recolor a kaito model to make him akaito. not all the materials are in the tab though. i have looked in the folder or the actual model and there is all sorts of .png’s with all his colors. but in pmde, it only shows the white materials. is there any way to fix this?

  76. RUb
    06 July 2014, 9:05 am

    I need help when ever I try to open this up it keeps making more downloads of the same file. I try everythign but it keep copying the same file over and over again do you know how to fix it.

  77. KillerBeer
    06 July 2014, 11:23 pm

    >BooKuu:There is no view window. QAQ What do I do?

    Menu: View -> Display model (Ctrl-W)

  78. lilly guzman
    09 July 2014, 1:00 pm

    what if view does not work i have pmd but view wont work. do i need to update something?

  79. lilly guzman
    09 July 2014, 1:16 pm

    what if view does not work i have pmd but view wont work. do i need to update something? im useing my other email becaues the other one didnt work

  80. Kumori
    10 July 2014, 3:48 am

    When i save the model it looks fine but when i open it in MMD the textures are gone? can anyone help please?

  81. Kitsune Mangaka
    31 July 2014, 9:32 am

    QUESTION: So I downloaded a different version of PMD editor (that may or may not be the cause of my problem) but I can’t open any models in PMD editor. I know it’s probably a really easy fix, and I’m betting it’s the file type (the files are RAR files and one is a ZIP file (the files inside the zip files are JPG and and MQO file, a MTL file and a OBJ file. So my question is, how do ou open a zip file’s/RAR file’s contents into PMD editor? Or if it has to be a .X or .PMX file, how does one convert these files?

  82. Reggie_Dentmore
    31 July 2014, 12:56 pm

    When you download the model’s zip … you have to extract the new files from that ZIP folder. If it is a ZIP folder, you can double-click the folder and look for the command to “Extract All”. Follow the defaults and you will have a new folder containing the usable files. If it is a RAR file, you will need “7-Zip” or a similar software to extract the files. Maybe these articles will help:

  83. Yasuno-chan
    08 August 2014, 12:36 pm

    Hi, Stella! =^^= Thank you so much for providing this! It has really helped me a lot, including the website itself!! ♥ But I have a question. I simply recolored a model and saved it. But when I opened it in MMD, it looked really weird and it didn’t look like there was an outline of the model. Like it wasn’t “sharpend” if you know what I mean. I didn’t mess with settings at all. All I did was recolor it. When I opened it back up in PMD, it looked completely fine. Do you think you could help?? ((Plus, I’m not a PMD expert at all. So that could just be the problem. Lol!)) Thank you!! CX

  84. KillerBeer
    09 August 2014, 12:22 am

    Try a following workaround: load the model into PMDE, in the main window select “Information->PMX to edit switching” and save it as a .pmx. It helped me to solve some problem I had (even though a different one from yours :D)

  85. Sara Kigamine
    16 August 2014, 10:54 pm

    I’m having a problem and its really annoying. i made some models using PMD and when i transfer it to MMD they are all white with no color i used clothes from different downloads and everything I’ve tried has failed. Please help me!

  86. Kitty Kagami
    06 September 2014, 6:43 am

    My friend downloaded this but she can’t get it to open up. It works fine for me, so is there something she didn’t download or something? Help please?

  87. Reggie_Dentmore
    06 September 2014, 11:43 am

    What happens when she tries to open it … what error message does she get?

  88. Koda
    16 September 2014, 12:47 am

    hey i would like to know how to turn a dmm into a model or skin for games like half life 2 and garrys mod

  89. Angel
    19 September 2014, 5:23 pm

    I can’t save on my Pmd editor and can you help me with my japanese version I’m 11 and have created alot of stuff and should be able to do it but I NEED YOU!

  90. Reggie_Dentmore
    19 September 2014, 6:53 pm

    Help is on the way … watch your email … Good luck!

  91. Kai
    20 September 2014, 4:48 pm

    how do i change the skin color?

  92. Sen
    26 October 2014, 12:42 pm

    How do i take my PMD model and put it into MMD? I couldn’t find anything on the internet that had answers.

  93. Reggie_Dentmore
    29 October 2014, 10:36 pm

    Open MMD … Click LOAD in the lower left, in the brown area, navigate your way to the folder containing your PMD model. Most MMDers put their models, still in their own folders, into the Model folder inside your Users folder. That way, they are all in one place when you are looking for one.

  94. Reggie_Dentmore
    29 October 2014, 10:37 pm

    Sen …Open MMD … Click LOAD in the lower left, in the brown area, navigate your way to the folder containing your PMD model. Most MMDers put their models, still in their own folders, into the Model folder inside your Users folder. That way, they are all in one place when you are looking for one.

  95. Luci
    15 November 2014, 3:59 am

    Help!! When I try to open certain models in pmd editor(0139 english ver) it becomes all white. It opens normally in mmd. Is there a way to fix that? Other models have no problem…

  96. Reggie_Dentmore
    15 November 2014, 4:50 pm

    Luci … There are possibilities why a model would turn white: a) The textures are not in the same folder; b) due to some extracting problem, the texture names turned into gibberish and changed from their original name; c) they’re using a really old version of MMD (Ver. 6 and below.)

    a) Put the missing textures in the folder or extract the files again.

    b) Rename the textures into something that makes sense and match them up in pmdEditor

    However, the reader said that the textures do not work in pmdEditor 139 but works when the model is loaded into MMD. I think it is because that version of pmdEditor cannot support certain image extensions. The texture extensions are probably something else other than the usual bmp file. There’s no solution to fix that other than to convert all the texture files into bmp and rename them in pmdEditor.

  97. rosechaaan
    22 November 2014, 6:16 pm

    uhmmm…the pmx editor won’t even open. or is it pmd? the folder says pmx, the thing itself says pmd, and for the life of me, i don’t think that it is supposed to not have a little icon.

    at least vmd viewer has an icon, for all that’s worth -_-“

  98. KillerBeer
    22 November 2014, 11:25 pm

    The deviantArt page contains links to *two* versions of the editor: PMD (which also has a PMX edit mode) and PMX (which is of higher version, but has no PMD compatibility). The latter won’t open unless you have 64-bit version of Windows.

    As for icon, it was most probably lost during the reassembly of an English version (which was not done by the original program’s author). I know for sure that there was one in the version previously hosted on LearnMMD.

  99. rosechaaan
    23 November 2014, 11:23 am

    yaaay, thanks killerbeer! as soon as I can get to a computer i’ll try that, and hopefully it’ll work! (ah the wonders of mobile internet ^-^)

  100. rosechaaan
    23 November 2014, 4:36 pm

    ummm, I open it and get ‘I failed to initialize the plug-in.’

    is that extremely bad, or can i work around this?

  101. KillerBeer
    23 November 2014, 10:20 pm

    Do you have DirectX 9 installed? Because you should. You probably have higher versions (and it’s all right to keep them, you don’t have to *downgrade* your software), but for PMDE you need that one exactly. Microsoft’s download site still has it.

  102. rosechaaan
    24 November 2014, 8:07 am

    i have no idea. but I’ll go get that anyway.

    ONWARDS! ^-^”

  103. Yukii
    24 December 2014, 3:30 pm

    Uh, hi. Well I have a problem, the PMD was working for me fine but there’s a Hetalia America model that I have that, whenever I try to open it in PMD, it gives me the ‘unknown has occured’ error. The PMD works fine for anything else though. And opening this specific model in MMD shows up as only the framework and bones. It’s like there’s not even a model there. All the textures are in the same folder and all, I don’t see what’s wrong. Do you have any help? If so, thanks.

  104. Jade
    16 January 2015, 6:51 pm

    Um, hello, I might have a problem. seems like the download on your Devantart page isn’t loading on my pc so I can’t get to it. and I am looking foreword to making an mmd. if you can help me? thank you.

  105. Reggie_Dentmore
    17 January 2015, 2:30 pm

    You can get the latest version of MMD from our Downloads page … The PMDE download offered by that Facebook page gives you a model-editing tool that lets you modify your existing MMD models.

  106. Sm1le
    17 January 2015, 10:01 pm

    I downloaded the PMDE editor (is that right?) and the 7z file opener/extracter thing, and it keeps asking how I want to open the file, (7z) when i have the opener downloaded, how do I fix this? I’m using windows 8

  107. Reggie_Dentmore
    18 January 2015, 9:09 am

    I am sending you an email … let’s figure it out.

  108. Ishwari
    17 March 2015, 4:33 pm

    Hi, I can’t get it to download. D:. To make things worse, I got a virus into my computer. Could someone please help me? I can’t download the maker. I really want to make a MMD DX.

  109. Reggie_Dentmore
    17 March 2015, 8:07 pm

    It worked fine for me … I just tried it. Click the “ibozo” Deviant Art link referenced in the article. When you get to his Deviant Art page, the link for his “PMDE in English” is buried in the first paragraph of his article, there. Click that link and it takes you to a MediaFire page with a big Download button … can’t miss it. … The file you download is not a ZIP folder … it’s a .7z folder … to be opened with the 7ZIP software … You’ll like 7-Zip … it’s is very fast and simple. So … I opened my download with my 7-zip … and had no problems: opened the folder, started PMD Editor … imported a Miku model … all good!

  110. Gwyneth Michaelis
    21 March 2015, 10:07 pm

    Okie dokie! So I have been reading the comments for help because I don’t even know how to get a model. {I’m just that much of a newbie.} One comment said I have to look on the user file and choose a model and drag it. Drag it to where? The comment also said to continue to click on it until you see toons, .sphs and other stuff like that but every time I click I get this: so I click ‘Ok’ and I am brought to this: Do you know anything I can do to stop this from popping up?

  111. KillerBeer
    22 March 2015, 10:16 pm

    You can drag it to the PMDE window that opens when you launch PMDEditor.exe (there are usually two at once; it doesn’t matter which) and select “A new” in the opened dialogue. That’s the same as menu’s “File”->”Open”, though.

    Then again, if you’re *really* that much of a newbie, I suspect that you meant to ask not about PMDE program this article is about, but the main MMD program. See Downloads page for MikuMikuDance 9.26. (you can drag onto that one too :) )

  112. DatOneMMDer
    13 April 2015, 1:42 pm

    Uhh, what button do I hit to undo something?

  113. KillerBeer
    13 April 2015, 10:01 pm

    Ctrl-Z usually works for everything.

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