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Make a Smooth Walking Motion
in MikuMikuDance 7.39

Start by creating a Sliding Motion ...


Now Go Back In and Add the Footstep Motions


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How do I make Miku walk in MikuMikuDance 7.39? MMD Miku Miku Dance - How do I make a smooth walking motion. How do I move the feet? How do I move my model off the center of the stage?

A nice smooth walking motion in MikuMikuDance 7.39

For this latest effort, in Frame Zero, I started by putting the arms into a comfortable looking pose. I began to move the model by selecting the Center and both IK Leg Bones ... and sliding the model back a bit so that the tip of the toes was on a ruled line on the coordinate grid so that I could align future motions with that ruled grid. Register.

First: Create a sliding motion to move the model and her feet.

Make a smooth sliding motion before adding "steps".

I decided on a speed of one full stride per second … so each foot moves every 15 frames. I created a sliding motion to set the pace for my walk.

FIRST, in Frame Zero, Copy the right foot’s position by clicking the Diamond for the Leg_IK_Right and click COPY.

I set the frame counter to 15 and clicked PASTE to secure the right leg in that old Frame Zero Position … keeping it from skating into frame 15. Now slide the Leg_IK_Left (left foot) out until the toe is close to the first ruled line. Move the Center forward until the body looks correct over the left foot. Readjust the left Leg IK until the tip of the toe is on the ruled line. Register the Center and Leg_IK L … and then Copy the Leg_IK L Diamond (You will paste it to avoid skating into the next frames.)

Move the frame counter to 30 and PASTE that Leg_ IK L data to keep that foot from sliding forward as you move the Right Leg IK forward to the ruled line ahead of the left foot. Register. Move the Center forward until it looks "right" over the right leg. Adjust the Leg_IK R if necessary and Register. COPY the Right Leg IK Diamond.

Move the frame counter to 45 and PASTE that Right Leg IK data to keep that foot from sliding forward as you move the Left Leg IK forward to the ruled line ahead of the Right foot. Register. Move the Center forward until it looks "right" over the Left leg. Register. COPY the Left Leg IK Diamond.

There you have one whole stride. Keep on skating ... a foot gets locked down every 15 frames.

Push PLAY and watch the model skate out to the end of your motion. Make any adjustment to fix anything that you left out.

Now go back in and add the foot motions.

A nice smooth walking motion in MikuMikuDance 7.39

My "stride cycle" is 15 frames ... half of that is about 7. At the 7th frame, go in and lift the IK bone for the foot that is in motion. Lift it far enough so that after you adjust that IK bone to twist the toe down, a bit, the toe is still well above the floor. (If you raise it too much, the "walk" will become a "march"!) Then advance the frame counter to frame 14 ... just one frame in front of the the next foot-locking frame ... and adjust the IK Leg bone to raise the toe of the foot in motion. Register. This adds the nice "heal-down rolling off of the toe into the next step" motion. Again, go to the Downloads Page and get this file for yourself: WalkTest8RD.pmm

Finally I went back in and added a Shimmy motion ... rolling the Lower Body onto the weight bearing leg with each step. At the same time I add a slight Upper Body roll to the opposite direction ... and a slight Head roll the other way so that the Head moves along with the Lower Body.

The finished smooth walk has everything on it!

Keep trying ... Have fun ... Practice ... Practice!


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