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Fixing Missing Model Textures using PMDE
by LearnMMD's xxBodger

You can fix missing textures in your downloaded MMD models using PMDE.

Fixing Missing ModelRead all of xxBodger's articles on LearnMMD.com! Textures using PMDE

My new model has white areas ... How do I fix a model with missing textures?

Your model will have missing textures when your "unzip" program cannot handle Japanese text. It replaces it with gibberish.


MMD model with missing textures due to scrambled file names.

When you try to load this model in MMD, MMD can’t read the names of some files ... can't find the textures ... and so it loads the model
WITHOUT those textures.

Bad file names wil give your MMD model missing textures.

You need to figure out what the texture file should be named and rename it. 

Here is how you do that...

Open the model in PMDE and open that model’s file so you can see all the folders that make that model.

Look over all the file names. The textures files are image file like PNG BMP etc.

If you can’t read the file, that file is one of the problem files. It might be one or two of them ... or ALL of them!


Now to find out what the file name should be.

Go to PMDE in the view window the lower left hand corner there is a button that has a cluster of little green dots. 

Click on that the model should be covered with green dots.

Go to the top toolbar and click on Vert/Mat.

A new window will open called Vertex/Masking Material. This widow has a list of all the vertex/materials layers that make up this model.

Now click on material. All the little green dots should disappear.

By clicking the little check boxes, one by one, look for green dots until you find the layer that has the missing texture.

Note the number of that layer.

Go to the Pmx Edit window and click on material.

You will see a list of materials that is the same as the list of vertex layers. 

Click on the same number in the material list ... then look to the lower right you will see a box labeled texture/notes and just under that you will see ” Tex:”

This is where you will find the correct file name. It will be in Japanese.

Double-click to highlight that file name... and Control-c to Copy that file name.

Then go to the model file folder look for the texture file. sometimes it is easy and sometimes not so. The texture will often be obvious.

When you find the correct texture file, right click it ... look for RENAME, click that, then paste the the file name that you copied, hit enter.

Now reopen the model in PMDE and see if you got it right.

Repeat until all the textures are working.


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Credit: The Model ...
Ibaraki Hanaogi ver 1.01
By Team Shanghai Alice Touhou project.

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