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     Stand Dejected Tied RD.vpd

Reggie Dentmores "StandDejectedTied.vpd" Pose
This is my "Stand Dejected Tied" pose.

I found myself standing on the porch in this position ... NO! ... not tied! ... not even dejected, really ... and decided to create the pose on MMD.

It took a while to create: I shifted the weight to the right leg, moved the Center a bit to the right, moved the left foot out and turned it out, a bit. I shifted the lower body to the right foot and slanted it back a bit. The upper body was bent forward, as is the neck, and I rolled the head forward, too.

The left shoulder was rolled down and back, the right shoulder was rolled back. I Loaded my Pose Data for Right Hand Open Relaxed and same for the Left Hand. I then moved and rolled the Arms, Elbows, and Wrists to get that pose.

Finally I did a Box-Select to catch all of the bones and Registered the whole figure. With all Diamonds Red, I clicked Copy and Save Pose Data.

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-- Reggie Dentmore