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Welcome to the BONUS PAGES!

Sometimes pages defy the standard categories … they don’t fit the WordPress mold.

Check ’em out … Enjoy!

STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS for the beginner. This page is growing every day. Soon it will get beyond covering only the beginning the simple stuff and it will go into the serious depths of MikuMikuDance!

Use Google SketchUp to make DirectX Accessory Objects for use in MikuMikuDance 7.39. Step by step instructions, links, and plenty of pictures make it easy!

Add pictures to your new Sketchup accessories as Textures in Google Sketchup.

Learn to recognize MMD File Types as you work with and organize your User folders. Saving your files into their appropriate folders will save you time and grief!


Fix a Model with Missing Textures by xxBodger

Learn how to use PMDE to fix missing textures on broken models.

Make an MMD Model almost from scratch!

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LearnMMD Metronome Instructions


offers a step-by-step instruction plan for using the LearnMMD metronome.

WRITE for!

Become a Writer for the pages of! Write articles describing your techniques and the things you have learned about MikuMikuDance 7.39. Include screen shots and help to develop a video sharing page.

Your articles will be reviewed by our editors before it shows on the web, so don’t worry about exact spelling or sentence structure. We reserve the right to edit your writings and correct spelling mistakes and such.

Register Today by clicking here: REGISTER TO BE AN AUTHOR or click the link at the foot of the page. You will get an email containing your PASSWORD that you can use to access all of the easy-to-use writing tools that are offered by this WordPress site. You will also get an email from our Editor welcoming you to the Team!


I keep working to simplify “The Walk” … and I think this is it. Check it out!

MAKE MIKU WALK!  —  A collection of instructions and images to describe my earliest method for creating a smooth walking motion.

LearnMMD’s Collection of Animated GIFs as of 12/4/2011 is now a Bonus Page! All of Reggie Dentmore’s MikuMikuDance Animated GIFs are collected onto a single page.


Reggie Dentmore’s collection of Hand Poses — This page features images of the various hand poses developed by Reggie Dentmore. The entire collection is your to download and use as your own.

See my Stand Dejected Pose Page. — This page gives you my “Dejected” pose. It works as a nice test to show a slow, smooth motion with MMD, MikuMikuDance. Open a NEW file, LOAD a character, V-Select and COPY that Zero Frame. Advance the Frame Counter to 300 and PASTE to put the Home position there. Set the Frame Counter to 150 and LOAD POSE DATA with this file. Register. PLAY … watch the smooth motion as the character rolls into this sad position and then out again.

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