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Our LearnMMD Video Dojo Expo Competition!

Download MikuMikuDance… MMD

NEW MMD 9.32 and 9.32×64… Latest version of MMD!
NEW MMD 9.31 and 9.31×64… Latest version of MMD!
Download MikuMikuDance Easily make YouTube MMD Music Videos
Download the latest version of MikuMikuDance!
Download Previous Versions of MMD from!
Download MMD 9.31 MikuMikuDance latest version
Recent MikuMikuDance Updates may become collectible, who knows?!
Downloading MMD 9.31 is Quick and Easy! Download MikuMikuDance 9.31


Troubleshooting MMD

Troubleshooting MMD errors and setting up
Total Success Running MMD on Win 10 64-bit! MikuMikuDance
MMD Quits after a few minutes? You are not alone!
Installing old DirectX 9c solves many MMD Missing DLL Errors
Fix MikuMikuDance Missing DLL and Side-by-Side Configuration Errors
Fixed the MMD 8.05 Configuration Error Failed to Start MikuMikudance
Download MMDxShow.dll Fix the Cannot Read MMDxShow.dll Error
MMD Error FAILED TO START because d3dx9_32.dll was not found
MMD Crashes when Rendering to AVI
Opening Japanese Models in MikuMikuDance – Sometimes they don’t work!
Download/Install DirectX 9 Update to fix the Missing DLL Error


MMD Projects & “The making of” stories

MiyukiOhayashi’s Pity Party motion download includes WAV
Free MMD Cry Baby Motion DL from DA’s Smol-Hooman
MMD Camera Work made the motion fit the song!
Zombie Song download easily makes spooky MMD videos!
MMD Project “I WANNA PARTY!” features great motion files by o Savvy o
Download instant fight scene motion by Mahlazer
The Making of: Sleepover Gone Wrong (REMAKE)
Making of my new Looked at Love – Both Sides Now animation REALLY Learn MikuMikuDance!
The making of: “Bang Bang” Portal video
The Making of “Boum Boum Boum”: Everything is More Sophisticated in French” MMD video
15-Second MMD animation “Smash Walkin”
Once there was a war… the making of my “Paint it black” MMD video”
MMD animation from Scratch “The Wind-up and the Pitch!”
Easy Fun MMD Music Video Mahlazer Motion Download “Feel the Sound”
The Making of “We Are Broken” Full Length Animation
The Making of “Oubliette”
My “O Canada” MMD video confused Japanese viewers!
I’d never eat your brain – The Zombie Song download links
Typical MikuMikuDance MMD Download Project: Lucky!
MMD Animation Project Resource Ushimitsu Toki
The Making of “Viva La Vida MMD” by Zazi The Angel
“The making of ” any of my videos starts with these considerations…
MMD Project Source YouTube’s Baster037 provides links!
MMD Smooth Criminal video project download
Download ARROW Lip-Sync Soundtrack Zip Folder
My latest Halloween video is a Scream!
Arrow MMD Animation Video Finished in only Six Weeks!
Make a “Dream Fighter” MMD Music Video
New MMD animation finished except for the animation!
Making my new “Rin Needs a Hug” Zero-to-450 Challenge Video
Make an MMD Music Video Bo Beep Bo Beep!
Behind the Scenes insights into my newest video
How do I use MikuMikuDance Make A Music Video with MMD
New Interpolation Curve Video was fun to make!
Sweet MMD Meme “Hello_How Are You”
You Are My Senpai MMD Meme Project Download
MMD Fine Art: Explaining the inspiration of my MikuRose
THIS IS TARGET Meme by Zazi on
“Behind the Scenes” of My Miku Likes Cheese Video!
MMD Animation Project Where My Demons Hide


Make a Music Video with MMD and Learn to Use MMD
See my new YouTube MMD video “She’s So Hot!”
MMD NyaReimu dances to Miku’s “The World is Mine”
My new MMD Action Video was fun to make!
Creating an animation using MMD, MikuMikuDance!
My new “Ring Around the Moon” MMD video is on YouTube
Our “Ring Around the Moon” Project for MMDers
Show the Love: Melanie’s “Ring Around the Moon”
A Beginner’s Guide to Enjoying MikuMikuDance
New MMD Video Taught Awareness of Camera Angles and Motion Quirks!
My First MMD Video – After Struggling with Blender, MMD was Easy
New LearnMMD Video Features Haruka Nana Dancing Modified Sample Dance
Smooth Scene Transitions featured in new MMD Departures video
Departures Meme Is a Beautiful MMD Project
Create and Post 1 or 2 videos a day? VocaloidAnime1924 does!
Planning a MikuMikuDance 7.39 Dueling Banjos Animation
New “LearnMMD Wars” Video Posted to YouTube!
“Bonk goes the Miku” new video using Accessories created in SketchUp
Ball Toss Motion Hits Miku: MikuMikuDance!


Getting Started MMD Basics

askY Dramatic Anime Style Sky Domes for MMD created by Meme
Download MMD Ballet Poses created by ctrlaltdelete999
MMD Camerawork sets mood enhances animation showcases models
Reduce MMD Video File Size using FREE HandBrake video converter
Best Way to Run MMD on a Mac
Create MMD Dance Motion from Scratch – a beginners guide
Workin’ on my VDE-4 Animation: The Easy Part is Complete!
Starting-out Using MMD Reader discovers missing elements.
Step 1: VDE-3 “Gotta Sing… Gotta Dance!” Entry Creation… YouTube Music Approval
EXPAND function modifies MMD motion tempo
Posing MMD Models: Anatomy Matters!
VPVP page offers basic MMD instructions videos
Adjust downloaded motions to fit your MMD models
Make Smooth Motions using Multiple Keyframes
Reader writes: i don’t know how to do mmd :(
New to MikuMikuDance? LearnMMD is The Instruction Manual for MMD!
Position stage near MMD coordinate axis center-line
Posing MMD Models Using Reference Images
MMD First Steps Make your own motions from scratch
Making MikuMikuDance Original Animation Videos
Most important MikuMikuDance instruction: Track your sources!
Quick-Start Basics of MMD to get you started!
Learn MMD Basics before jumping into a big project!
Easily Create Walk-in-Place Motion in MMD
Saved Poses get your MMD Animation Started!
Set MMD Widescreen Screen Size balance Size VS Quality
Delete Miku and Learn About the Sample Dance Stage Lights
Getting Started with MMD MikuMikuDance
Post-Production Editing Yields Next Step in MMD Video Quality
Switch Models without Physics Glitches
How To Make MMD Pictures and Videos Like a Pro
Motion Reference Videos Available FREE Online
YouTube Audio Library supplies Free music
Making good MMD lip-syncs!
Creating Inspirational Pictures in MMD
MMD Lip-sync is fun to do… just do it!
Written Credits aid YouTube MMDer search results
Multiply of Bone Frame Position-Angle Resizes Motions to fit your Model
Make Smooth Animation Using Interpolation Curves
Making amazing complicated MMD video requires circle of learning
MMD Light Manipulation Panel helps set the mood
Animation Inspiration: Motion Trace but Do your own thing!
Assemble your stages from .x type components
Adding & Working the Stage Lights with Dummy Bones MMD
MMD Hand Poses make Animation Easier
Mahlazer’s Walking Motion vmd file download for MMD
Let’s Play the Sample Dances and Learn About MikuMikuDance
New MMD Outside Parent Setting Enables Bone Connecting
Rotate stage to allow ground shadows MMD MikuMikuDance
MMD Batokin Island stage is MORE than a beach
Multiply of Facial Expression command in MMD
New MMD ACCESSORY MODE allows Easy Object Positioning
Change the Edge Line Color and Shadowing of your Models
Using the Interpolation Curve in MikuMikuDance.
An MMD Walking Motion: Creating it is easy!
Adding Sound Effects to existing MMD animations
Adjusting the Physical Operation Tab settings in MMD 9.10
How to make smooth motions in MikuMikuDance animations
How To Recolor MikuMikuDance Models Without PMDE!
Use 2D Background Images in MikuMikuDance
Making POV Camera Shots in MikuMikuDance 8.03+
How to make multi-part videos in MikuMikuDance
Create Motion Data – So you think you can’t dance?
MMDers Audacity Tutorial Video is on YouTube!
Uploading MikuMikuDance YouTube Videos MMD
Why MMD cannot open the models in a saved PMM file
MMD 8.06 Low Power button allows you to Multi-task
New Getting Started with MMD Video on YouTube!
The MMD Physics Engine keeps Skirts from going through legs!
Knock-out the Background as you Render to Picture in MMD
Easily Transfer an Accessory to a Dummy Bone from Model’s Hand in MMD
Using Subset-Extract to Customize Your Models.
Translate Romaji for better English translations
Strong Soundtrack Offers 3-D Animation Shortcuts!
Downloading Background Music for MikuMikuDance Videos.
Japanese Mode Opens Hidden Model Features in MMD 8.06
MMD Keyboard Shortcuts Make MikuMikuDance Easier
Enable Physics in MMD 7.96
Making MikuMikuDance Pictures Render to Picture File Tutorial
Add Shadows to MMD .X Accessories Tutorial
Use Stage Changes in MMD to Make an Interesting Video
There Can Be Frame Data Ghosts remaining after Deletion
Pose MMD Models Naturally Using Reference Pictures
MMD Dummy Bones may be your most important models!
Create MMD Lip-Sync Animation as a Separate File
Using the Subset-Extract in MikuMikuEffects.
Making POV Camera Shots in MikuMikuDanceWorking with Large Stages In MikuMikuDance
Translate Japanese Model Names into English
Have Fun Making MMD Comics using MS Paint
Use Accessory Manipulation Panel Settings to Position Props
Use The Background AVI to Make Realistic Animations in MMD
More Motion Interpolation Curve Instruction for MMDers
Getting Started with MMD Video on YouTube!
More on Accessory Manipulation in MikuMikuDance
Create Wing Flapping Motion for Teto Chimera MMD 7.39
Playing with MME – Using MORE cool MikuMikuEffects!
Make Window Glass and Transparent Parts Work Correctly
How to Reverse Motion Data in MikuMikuDance
How to Load Models, Motion, and Music Data into MikuMikuDance
Making a Long Video Animation in MMD 7.39 Can Be Done!
Using The Dummy Bone for MikuMikuDance
MMD Soundtrack Make Sound Effects on your Desktop using Audacity®
Reset Your Computer to Japanese Locale for perfect Japanese
Add Background Pictures and AVI’s to MikuMikudance MMD
How to Switch Models and Stages in MikuMikuDance
.vpd Pose Files help you demo new MMD Models
Nekomimi: Getting Catty Miku Miku Style MMD
Alter Sphere Files for a quick color change in MMD 7.39
Physical Operations Tab in MikuMikuDance 7.39 Menu Options
Local and Global Mode Bone Movement MMD: Miku’s Mode Swings
Using the Gravity Settings in MikuMikuDance
MMD Screen Capture Tool makes taking pictures a Snap!
Select the Center Bone if your MMD Model Doesn’t Feel the Floor
BOX-sel lets you select an entire model in MikuMikuDance
Camera Motion Instructions 1 – MMD Basics
Keyboard Shortcuts Aplenty in MikuMikuDance 7.39 by ClintImTired
Load Camera Motion Data VMD files using the File Menu in MMD
Use Accessory Manipulation fields to position/adjust Accessories
Use Center Position Bias to Move Models in MMD
First Steps for the Beginner MMD MikuMikuDance artist
Create an MMD Video using the “Happy Hands” Meme
Yu Higuchi’s Anatomy: A Lesson on MMD Bones
WAV Files Make Your Music Play on MMD MikuMikuDance
Add Interest: Place Multiple Models Onstage Using Mother Bones
MMD Mother Bones Allow Easy Dancer Model Movement From Stage Center
Dummy Bones Hold Accessories in MikuMikuDance
Download and Install MikuMikuEffect (MME) To Use Special Effects
MikuMikuDance Keyboard Shortcuts MMD Beginners Guide
Use MMD Memes to get Motion and WAV Files for MikuMikuDance!
Learn How to Navigate Japanese MikuMikuDance Pages
Add Songs to MikuMikuDance: All you need is a WAV file!
Audacity® 2.0 Audio Editor easily converts mp3 to WAV files for MMD
Make a Smooth Walking Motion in MikuMikuDance
Create, Save a Natural, Sexy Pose you can load in MikuMikuDance
Step-By-Step Instructions for MikuMikuDance on
A MikuMikuDance Beginner’s Easy First Dance
Copy and Paste for Repetitive Motion in MikuMikuDance
Use Center Position Bias to duplicate a motion
The MMD 7.39 VIEW MENU Options
Keyboard Shortcuts to the Menus
The MMD 7.39 FRAME MENU Options
The MMD 7.39 BONE MENU Options
The FILE Menu Options
Smooth Walking Motion is getting easier!
Animation Lag may “blur” your playback in MikuMikuDance
Keyboard Shortcuts and Easy Moves
Making Smooth Motions with MMD
Move the whole Model with Box-Sel in MikuMikuDance
Use Tricks to Study the MikuMikudance Sample Dance


Third-Party Software Write-ups

VideoPad Video Editor Free Download from NCH Software
Running MikuMikuDance in Linux using Wine and DXVK
INKSCAPE makes creating MMD Comics Easy
MMPlus, a New MMD Plugin!
Hitogata Brings Face Tracking to MMD
PMXE 0254f a Newer PMXE in English – More Complete Translation – Tools Reconfigured
Sweet Home 3D Creates Custom MMD Interiors as .x or .pmd
PocketMQO(with MMD) MikuMikuDance in an Android environment!
How to Lip-Sync in MMD using MoggProject Face and Lips
MMD Augmented Reality AR on Android Devices
Free AVIUTL Video Editing software adds animated titles to MMD Videos!
Bandizip® keeps Japanese file names intact when Extracting ZIP folders
Recommended Software Library for MMDers
IrfanView captures single-frame images from Video AVI files!
Advanced subtitles for MMD: Using MikuTelopE
MMD Credit Helper and PMMLookupper
How to sign up and Upload to Piapro!
Download MME v037 in English 32-Bit or 64-Bit from
Make WAV files for MikuMikuDance Using Your Music Files


Rendering to AVI/Codecs

UT Video Codec Suite v22.2.0 creates simple AVI video for MMD background AVI
How to make 360 degree MMD videos on YouTube.
Using the right codec when Rendering to AVI in MMD
YouTube serves video playback quality to best suit your viewing-screen
DO NOT reduce AVI file sizes that go up to YouTube
Dramatically Decrease AVI File size before uploading YouTube videos
Scrambled first frame of video must be Voodoo!
Rendering in 4K video at 60FPS with MMD
Rendering HD 60 FPS MMD video and YouTube Upload
Render your MMD Video in 1080p HD Using Windows Live Movie Maker
The K Lite Mega Codec Pack 995 – The Ultimate HD Video compressor!
Updating the Codecs for MikuMikuDance’s Latest Versions


Advanced Animation Techniques

Crazy Animation Creation yields fun video and good practice!
Reduce MMD Video File Size using FREE HandBrake video converter
Study MMD Motion Files to SEE and LEARN about creating animations
Loading Background AVI Files into MMD (2021 Edition)
Making more complicated MMD dance motions – Some new notes…
Sometimes you need a “motion scratchpad” while animating in MMD
MMD Animating SAVE AS multiple versions as you go!
MMD animation environment… MORE than just a model on a stage!
My VDE-3 Entry has Music, Camera, Dancers… Now for the HARD part.
Add Life to your MMD soundtrack with Laughter and Applause! VDE-3!
Create MMD Animations WITHOUT Animating a Model
Customized Skydome replace stages, enhance MMD animations
An MMD town stage: Making Kerorin Town Great Again – Part 3
An MMD town stage: Making Kerorin Town Great Again – Part 2
An MMD town stage: Making Kerorin Town Great Again – Part 1
Creating Spooky Scenes with MMD
MMD Rotating Objects 360-degrees -Miku’s Guide to the Galaxy (Part 1)
MMD Rotating Objects 360-degrees -Miku’s Guide to the Galaxy (Part 2)
Animate MMD ballet pirouette motion
Hitogata Brings Face Tracking to MMD
Using the OP function in an animation
Use Professional Tricks to Make MMD Animating Faster and Easier
Analyzing Why some VSQ files make MMD Crash
How to subtitle MMD videos
Making VSQ Files Without VOCALOID Using UTAU
MMD CameraSmoother Tool smooths camera motions!
MMD AnimationSmoother Tool does just that!
3D For Cheapskates: Making stereo MMD videos without special equipment
Japanese MMD mod allows Automatic Breathing action in MMD models
Breathing “SOUL” into MMD models and scenes using Fine Art Techniques
Shading China Dresses Using Advanced Shader Techniques
Intentionally Build Dramatic Atmosphere into your MMD Animation
Let your MMD model breathe and move while standing still!
Creating MMD Diva Performance Animations – An Overview
Staging and the 12 Principles of Animation.
Anticipation is the Second Principle of Animation.
How To Add Depth and Emotion in an MMD Picture
Stationary Motion Creation rights and wrongs
The 12 Principles of Animation for MikuMikuDance.
Adjust the Shadows in MikuMikuDance
How To Make Global Lighting Work with Game-Rips
MMD Camera Motions: The Camera’s Gotta Keep Moving!
Short sharp sudden motions require MikuMikudance skill


Downloading Models / Keep the Faith-MMD

Great MMD Stages Source: Deviant Art
MMD Little Car Models Download offers racing thrills!
Download new Rio Carnival models by shiro-nekovocaloid, Miku, Haku and Luka!
Rules of Common MMD Models and How to NOT Break Them
Trouble Keeping MMD Faith When Those Around You Don’t
Cookiefun Channel Camera Crew Model Free Download
My Top 6 Favorite Miku Models!
Professionally made models FOUND!
Barbarians disregarding creative rights destroy MMD for all of us.
Paper Crowd model delivers instant huge audience
Locomotion – MMD Trains: how to setup and move a train
Public Domain and Ethical Release for MMD
Find New MMD Models – MMD Resources Hunting!
MMD Models Rant
Use proper MMD Etiquette when Downloading Models for MMD
Growing Concerns Amongst Japanese MMDers
Collecting MMD Models, Music and Accessories for Beginners
NicoNico MMD Videos, Models, Motions, and Music!
Import models from Source engine based games (HL2, Portal, TF2 etc.)
MikuMikuDance “Keep the Faith-MMD”
MikuMikuDance Welcomes Luka Megurine to MMD 8.10!
MikuMikuDance Links and Resources
MMD Download Japanese Models for MikuMikuDance
MikuMikuDance MMD Cage Stage Tutorial
Download MMD Pokeball Accessory Learn Accessory Manipulation
Make your own READ ME files so you can track your Sources
Download MME v037 in English install MikuMikuEffects special effects
Be a responsible MMDer … “Keep the Faith!”
MMD Download links – Some of my favorite MikuMikuDance Sites
Organize Your MMD Model Collection, Track Your Sources
Read Japanese READ ME Text Files with Notepad++, Google Translate
Source for New MMD Models: MMD Newcomers on YouTube
Download New MMD Model of Miku by Zelda09pokemon
Use Proper MMD Etiquette When Using New Models and Accessories


LearnMMD Stage and Accessories Downloads

Download Reggie’s Cafeteria Table and Chair accessory!
Download Reggie’s DeckPanel when you just need a place to sit or stand!
MMD Theater Seats Don’t Have to Sit on the Floor
New LearnMMD Stage Instructions just posted!
Download VMDSpectrum Analyzer to create VMD files
New LearnMMD Stage Download is Ready!
Learn How to Dress the LearnMMD Stage – Instructions
Download Table Lamp Accessory ON and OFF
Painted Table Accessory Download Available Now
MMD Wooden Stool Accessory from
New MMD Theater Seats Accessory Download on
Download MMEffects v037 on LearnMMD’s Downloads Page! MME
LearnMMD’s Dueling Banjos Banjo is avilable for Download!
LearnMMD Auditorium Stage now includes 19 Colors of Drapes!
Easy Fix for the Auditorium Stage Accessory: Use a Dummy Bone
See LearnMMD’s New Crop-Transition Panel Video
New Cropping-Transition Panel Ready to Download!
New MMD Rocking Chair Accessory Ready to Download
Download Reggie Dentmore’s MMD Folk Guitar Accessory!!
House Curtains now included in the Auditorium Stage Download
LearnMMD Auditorium Stage Announced Ready for Download


MME Effects Tutorials

MotionBlur3 Effect adds visual reality to your MMD videos and stills!
966_DigitalRipple Effect splashes lots of color into your MMD video!
966_ Otogibanashi Toon “Fairy Tale” shader effect recolors your models
MME TrueCamera Effect enhances 3D appearance
MME Half-Lambert Shader Point-Source Lighting Effects
Kaitensora effect gives moving clouds background in your MMD scene
MME FunyaFunya Effect adds wavy psychedelia to your MMD scene!
MMD MME Fisheye Lens effect offers Scene Transitions & Cropping!
MME TexFire Effect gives fire and flame but no light!
MME FireLight Effect adds spooky dancing firelight and shadows
MME Oppai Effect enhances MMD Model’s figure… one for the boys!
Beamman’s SimpleMagic creates Explosions, Fire-Balls and Swirling Flames!
MME effect Kamitachi – Night breeze silhouette shader of Kama
MME CheapLens Effect controls the “Look” of your MMD video
MME FireintheSkiesEffect gives floating flame and embers!
MME ShapeMosaic effect counters Wardrobe-malfunctions and more!
Older MME Shaders rival Ray-MMD Raycast results and are easy to use!
Ray-MMD LED widget replaces MMD screen capture widget
Ray-MMD environment controls create MMD dreamscape
MME Plastic Effect adds plastic realism to MMD model parts
Using BeamMan’s fluid2D Creates Fabulous MMD Under Water Scenes
KiraKira-sparkleV2 MME Effect adds COLOR to KiraKira!
MMD Fill Lights Part 1 (Half-Lambert Shader)
Cook Torrence Effect – MME: Less is More
Ray-MMD Godrays… argggh!!!”
MMD Smoke Clouds and a Smoke Filled Room… Beamman’s Breath Effect”
LAT Model Shaders Create Stunning Scenes in MMD”
Ray-MMD Demonstration “Battle stations … all hands on deck!!!”
Ray-MMD Shading Mech Girls brings those beauties to life!
RAY-MMD Technique: of Battleships and Fleet Girls
Beginner’s Guide: Using Ray-MMD ver 1.5.0 – Latest version of Raycast
MME PowerShader effect rivals Ray-MMD Raycast image enhancements
Ray-MMD: The Art of painting with Light
Raycast / Ray-MMD First Steps
MMD PostAnalogTV effect gives easy scene transitions and more!
Ray-MMD Advanced Lighting: A Night on the Town
RAY-MMD: Creating your own custom sky box
RAY-MMD: Using the Time of Night skybox
RAY-MMD demonstration featuring texture and environmental lighting
Ray-MMD Localized Fog Effects for stunning MMD scenes
RAY-MMD: Haku’s crazy light show [PART 3]
RAY-MMD: Haku’s crazy light show [PART 2]
RAY-MMD: Haku’s crazy light show [PART 1]
RAY-MMD: Spruce up your videos with Dynamic Lighting
MMD Starry Winds Effect Makes Amazing Night Time Scenes!
Learn to Edit MMD Effects by Editing Raycast Materials
Using Raycast MMD like a pro!
ikUnderwater Effect submerges your MMD animation!
MME Quartz Effect Refracts Reflections All Around!
BeamMan’s Water Effects really look wet!
MMD MME Rhinestone effect adds sparkle to your models!
MME ik_Paper Effect flattens MMD models paper-thin!
MME DiscoLightEX v003 effect easily adds life to your MMD scene!
Modifying model texture color compensates Raycast color desaturation
My Top 6 Favorite Shader Effects for MikuMikuDance
How to use Raycast MMD MME Shader Effect
Download MME v037 in English MMEffects for MMD MikuMikuDance
Hologram Effect gives projected-holograph looking image
Toon Shader modifies shadows and highlights!
o_ShaderCustomSet_v0_3 effect applies gentle color modification
GaussianVariable MME Effect Blurs your entire scene!
Using Beamman’s SoftSmoke Effect
ColorShift Effect Dances using VMDSpectrum Analyzer
Beamman’s Breath Effect shows warm breath in winter


Using the Fireworks Kai effect for MikuMikuDance.
MME Blackout Effect offers Fade-to-Black and Fade-to-White
Beamman’s Water v5 Effect needs Editing before you can use it!
NCHLShader2 adds realistic depth to MMD models
How to Use the L EdgeShader Effect for MikuMikuDance.
MME ExcellentShadow2 effect smooths ugly Self-Shadows
Beamman GSW Gauge for Game-like HP Health Points Display
The Power of Beamman’s Post Movie Effect
Beamman’s BeamCharge MME Effect
New Reggie’s Evil Eye demo video posted to YouTube
MME Collapse Effect requires PMDE model edit
Using Beamman Particle-styled MME effects
Beamman Effects Page MMD Newbies Guide
LearnMMD Stage Lit with AutoLuminous Lights
How to Use The VelocityMap Effect for MikuMikuDance.
Beamman’s MME DropShadow effect for MikuMikuDance
MME Balloon Effect (And what I found out)
pmothair Effect Makes Hair Actually Look like hair
How to Use the Squash and Stretch Effect for MMD.


The In’s and Out’s of Yukari’s Gap for MikuMikuDance.
How to Use the Ghost Effect for MME!
Try Reggie’s Evil Eye Effect for an Anime-style effect
MMD MME Beamman Nameplate Effect
Using the Blood Effect in MMD MikuMikuDance
Using the Beamman’s Digital Ripple Effect
AsciiArt for MikuMikuDance.
Using the KeyScreen Effect in MikuMikuEffects (MME)
How to Use the Half-Lambert Shader in MMD
How to make AutoLuminous work on a PMX Model
How to Use the Croquis Effect in MikuMikuDance
Download and Configure the OldTV MME Effect for MikuMikuDance
Using Some Cool Effects in MikuMikuDance.
Adult Shader on a LAT model – it’s possible!
Using the ToonDX Effect for MikuMikuDance.
Beamman’s MME SelfFreeze Effect for MikuMikuDance 7.39
Beamman’s MME SelfBurning Effect Sets your MMD models Ablaze!
Use the Rule of Thirds Effect to Create Camera Motion Data in MMD!
Creating White Silhouette Models in MikuMikuEffects
Using the MME ColorShift Effect in MikuMikuDance
Use MME Rainbow Ring Effect in MikuMikuDance
Creating Black Model Silhouettes in MikuMikuDance
Using the SpotLight Effect in MikuMikuEffects
Using The Manga Shader Effect for MikuMikuDance
Using The Floor Light Art Effect in MMD.
Using the AdultShader Effect In MikuMikuDance
How to Use the Disco Lighting Effect in MMD
Using The ObjectLuminous Effect in MikuMikuDance
MME Beamman’s Grass Effect Creates Realistic MMD Landscapes
Looking Good with the MME Mirror Water Effect in MMD
How to use Beamman’s Bomb Effect in MMD 7.39 MME
Using the Fireworks Effect In MikuMikuDance
Playing with MME Effects – Using MikuMikuEffects for MMD


All about using MME effects

DropShadow_dual Creates Two DropShadow Effects at Once!” error
Fix the “Post Effect cannot be specified” error
Good MMD videos require Inspiration, Vision, Planning: The Lament of Okada’s Ghost
Modified MME Effects Files yield NEW Effects for MMD!
Give MMD Pictures Different MMEffects For Different Feelings
Make an effect start at a certain frame
Take full control of MME Effects by editing .fx files

Customize MME Effects by Editing .fx Files
How to Add Multiple Effects on a Model.
Use PMDE to Switch On the MME AutoLuminous effect in MMD


All about using PMDE/PMXE

Editing Effect Textures Creates Brand New Effects!
PMXE 0254f a Newer PMXE in English – More Complete Translation – Tools Reconfigured
Oomary’s guide to mastering MMD Hair Physics
A Discussion on the subject of Bone Deformation Hierarchy
Understanding PMXE Materials: Ambient, Diffuse, Specular, Reflect and More!
The Easiest Way To Add Hair Physics in PMX Editor!
Use the PMXE Transform Window to edit your MMD models!
A better MMD followcam in PMXE with physics and IK bones
Understanding Normals
Rigging Models with Appends using PMXEditor
PMDE Q&A – Making clothes follow model motions
Create Simple Accessories Using PMD Editor
PMDE Parts Links help you create your MMD Selfie
Add a Motherbone for Easy Model Manipulation in MMD 7.39
Convert .PMD Stages to .X Format using PMDE for MMD
Editing Model Materials in PMDE for PMD and PMX Models
Pose characters in PMX Editor and export as OBJs for Poser
About changing models skirts using PMD Editor PMXE
Rig a Model: Adding and weighting bones with PMDE
Translate PMX models to English using a PMX editor
How to make a Portal in MMD: blast a hole in the wall!
Re-size PMD Models and Keep the Bones and Physics!
Translate Japanese Models to English with Google Translate and PMDE
Attach an item or accessory to a Bone in PMDEditor – Weighting in MMD
PMD Editor Basics: .SPH and .SPA Files Add Sparkle!
Adding Parts in PMDEditor is Easier than you think! MMD 7.39
PMD Editor Basics, now in English – Modify Your MMD Models!


Making Models/Fixing Models

ALMorphMaker Adds AutoLuminous Morphs to your Model!
PMXE Plugin adds Arm IK bones allowing automatic MMD model interaction
Translate Japanese Models Using PMXEditor’s Batch Name Editor
Different Eye Textures in one model using PMXE
Keep the Center-Bone when adding Mother-Bone to an older model
How to create credible characters for your projects.
PMXEditor PMXInfo Analyzing Optimizing MMD Models
Convert VRoid Studio to MMD With One Click
Convert SFM/GMOD Models Into MMD Flawlessly!
Build Accessories and Stages with PMXE Primitives
No Diamonds Appear in Frame Chart in MMD and How to Fix It
Hair Falling through the Body in MMD Models and How to Fix It
PMXE Skirt Plugin Presets and Other Tips for Awesome Skirts
Create Sph Files in Blender Without Drawing Anything!
Cycles Materials For Textures in Blender: Nice Textures for MMD Fast!
Subtex slot for MMD models in PMXE
Removing Double Vertices to Create Continuous UV Maps
Making MMD Models Complicated Task with much to know!
Intersecting Physics Bodies Cause Glitchy MMD Models
MMD Model Hair Textures Made With . . . IMVU Tutorials?!
Easily Make Realistic Hair Texture for MMD Models
Make MMD Model Hands from scratch in Blender
A New Challenge for MikuMikuDance Modelers – The Textures from Your Room Challenge!
Photos make realistic eye textures for your MMD models
Using Texture Transparency hides MMD model problem areas
MMD Bone Reference Charts make MMD Model-making Easier!
Make Custom MMD Models using Downloaded Parts
Making Your First Model Part 1 – Franken-Reference
PMXEditor Quickly Edits MMD Model using Downloaded Parts
Creating and Editing UV Morphs for MMD Models
Troubleshoot MMD models– or anything else– with four techniques!
Export Import MMD Models Using Blender and PMXE
Fix Model Ambient Light Problems Using PMDE/PMXE
Creating Hand IK Bones with the IKMakerX PMXE plugin
Fixing white models and accessories that don’t follow in PMXE
Rigging Models with Appends using PMXEditor
Make Chibi Models for MikuMikuDance!
Convert PMD Models To PMX Models and Chicken-Leg Fix!
How to resize PMD models (and what to do when they don’t)
Add Facial Slider Options Using PMDE Enhance your MMD Models
Build Your Own Stage For MMD Using SketchUp
Making stages/accessories for MMD using Sketchup
Build your own stage for MMD using Blender 2.69
Use PMDE to make a Model for MMD almost from Scratch
Position Model Parts in PMDE using a placeholder .x Model image
How to fix a model with missing textures
How to tame unruly skirts: fix fluttering parts in MMD 9.xx+
Create models from OBJ files using Blender and PMDE
Translate Japanese Models to English in PMDE… with Excel!
Fixing Missing Facial Manipulation Tabs in MikuMikuDance.
Fix MMD Missing Model Options using PMDE
Add custom texture images to Google Sketchup .x model
Use Google Sketchup to Create .x Files for MikuMikuDance 7.39
Change a Model’s Eyes Using MMD Eye Packs in MikuMikuDance
Downloading Japanese Models Can Scramble File Names
Use Google SketchUp to make DirectX Accessories in MMD
Make your own stage for MikuMikuDance using SketchUp Models
ReSize SketchUp Models for MikuMikuDance
Make your own MMD Accessory Objects in Google Sketchup


Advanced PMDE/Blender

Create MMD model color morphs using PMXE
Play games within MMD using MMD as a Game Engine!
Create Bouncing Ball using MMD Physics Engine
UV Unwrapping MMD Models in Blender with MMD Tools
Weight Painting MMD models in Blender with MMD Tools
Import Daz models with Bones using Blender, Noesis, Xnalara
Almost Photo-realistic renders in MMD using Shaders and Effects
PMXE weight painting tools and deformation types for new MMD models
Understanding MME Render Targets for Miku Miku Dance Effects
Making MMD Textures with Blender
Everything you never wanted to know about textures


Random Thoughts & Visions

Recoloring MMD’s Control Panel GUI Interface
Culling unseen MMD model parts optimises computer assets (PART 2)
Optimise computer assets by culling unseen MMD model parts
Good MMD videos require Inspiration, Vision, Planning: The Lament of Okada’s Ghost
Cook Torrence Effect – MME: Less is More
Making JRPG style scenes using MMD
Making your own Japanese Maid Cafe poster
The Art of Moe and the genre’s backstory.
No need to “re-download” again and again…
Different MMD models react differently to pose and motion data
Have FUN with MikuMikuDance!
Personal Journey MMD Leekspin, Nyan Cat, Ievan Polkka, more!
What kind of laptop should I buy for running MMD?
Give MMD Pictures Different MMEffects For Different Feelings
Anime Shorts – Five minutes worth of animation, maybe three!
Animation Styles: Park and Bark vs. Choreography
Vocaloids and MMD: It’s all about the Music!!
Making MMD Pictures: JPG vs PNG – which is better?
The Disappearance of Akita Neru
A girl named Miku Hatsune…
Speech Synthesizer gives MMD Models a voice!
Make Wattpad covers using MikuMikuDance and!
Set up Kinect 360 motion capture for MMD!
No MikuMikuDance MMD in India… can it be?
Zazi’s Guide To Atmosphere in an MMD animation
Inspired by MMD, Draw Miku blending 2D and 3D Art!
Customize the MMD interface: Change the colors of the GUI
3D printing MMD models on a desktop 3D printer!
Win 7 Virtual Machine Runs MMD on MAC and Linux
Make LearnMMD Masthead Art for our Pages!
Passion VS Work – Making Videos for your Fanbase
YouTube Copyright Enforcement Bamboozles MMDers!
Finding Inspiration for your Animation
Make Your YouTube Channel Popular with Engrossing Introductions
Making it Personal MMD hosts MMD Panel at San Japan 8 bit.
Top-10 Best “motion-maker” MMDers on YouTube
Animation Fade helps MMD scene transitions
Storyboards organize your MMD animation
Let’s Go Learn Hatsune Miku Model Names
Graphic Design Skills enhance MMD Pictures
Exporting VSQX to VSQ for MMD!
Why MMD Does not run on Apple Computers
Excited about MMD? Write for!
Follow My Learnmmd on Facebook for latest MMD tutorials!
VOCALOID 3 Tutorial – The whole interface on a basic level
Miku Expo 2014 New York – coverage
Miku virtual idol starts our Brave New World
Hatsune Miku “LIVE” on David Letterman’s ‘The Late Show’
Welcome to Nico Seiga, Nico Nico’s art page!
A Discussion of unloved Vocaloids
Happy Birthday Miku (16 Again) … Miku’s Birthday
7 Reasons Why We Don’t Do These Things
LearnMMD Hosts a Panel at San Japan!
Fia Phoenix’s Deviantart Spotlight
MikuMikuDance Unbridled Creativity Starts with an Empty GUI
Formatting Captions With MMM MikuMikuMoving
Adding captions in MMM MikuMikuMoving
‘PROJECT: MikuMiku Movie!’ part 01: prepare the first scene!
Are you running the Latest Version of MMM?
Get started with MMM – The Basics
MikuMikuDance turns Six.
Announcing The Momi Cup 4!
Introducing MikuMikuMoving … MMM!
The Fourth Momi Cup is Set to Begin!
MikuMikuDance Tutorials MMD Tutorials on
Tesagure! Bukatsu-mono. An anime associated with MikuMikuDance.
Introduction to Vocaloid: a short tutorial
Happy Birthday Miku!
Getting Re-Excited about MikuMikuDance … Happy Birthday Miku!
Update previous MMD to MMD 9.31 with no tears …
LearnMMDClub is OPEN on Deviant Art!
[MMM] MikuMikuMoving Text Engine Tutorial Video
MME Effects Tutorials on MMD 7.39
LearnMMD’s MEME PARTY 2 a Success!
How to enter The MomiCup and other YouTube MMD Contests and Parties.
Announcing The 2013 Momi Cup Celebration.
Ripped Models in MMD: An Explanation – A Very Useful Site for MMDers!
MMD Theme Video “Let’s Dance NOW!” Describes Why We Love MMD
Updated LearnMMD Metronome Instructions for Use
Make MMD Animated GIFs using GIMP 2.6 – MikuMikuDance
Metronome successfully marks the beat in Dueling Banjos MMD
Dueling Banjos w Metronome MMD Inspiration Video on YouTube
Find MMD Tempo using Metronome with AVI Video Background
LearnMMD’s METRONOME is Ready to Download!
LearnMMD’s MikuMikuDance Animated GIFs Collection
MikuMikuDance Home Page VPVP is worth a visit! The MMD Instructions you have been looking for!
Sketchup Orbit view on MMD: Right Click and Drag!
Miku Miku Dance: Life Changing!
MMD uses your computer to the max!
Introduction to MikuMikuDance
MMD Let’s Learn How to Do Everything!


Contests / Video Dojo Expo

The CHAMPIONS of Video Dojo Expo FIVE
Beach-side Pool-side “Hot August Nights” – Video Dojo Expo FIVE
LearnMMD’s Video Dojo Expo 4: The Voting is Done!
LearnMMD’s Video Dojo Expo 4: Entries are CLOSED
The Champions are Chosen! Video Dojo Expo 3 is Complete.
Gotta SING… Gotta DANCE! LearnMMD’s Video Dojo Expo-3!
Video Dojo Expo 2 CHAMPIONS are chosen!
Video Dojo Expo 2 – Holiday Song “Diva Performance”!
WINNERS of Video Dojo 1 – The FIRST Champions!
Voting is closed – You Chose the Winners!
MMD Contest: Video Dojo Expo 1!



VDE-FIVE Honorable Mention: Jonah Snyder
VDE-4 Champion: Reona
VDE-4 Champion: Kazumi
VDE-4 Champion: YamiMori
VDE-3 Champion: Kazumi
VDE-4 Champion: Izzmations
VDE-4 Champion: Beemz
VDE-4 Champion: Pajamaje135
VDE-4 Champion: Lluiji
VDE-3 Champion: Katherine Duncan
VDE-3 Champion: CyanKuriboh
Video Dojo Expo 2 Champion: Dolly Strawberry (MacaronTeaCupBaby)
Video Dojo Expo 2 Champion: Turquoise Narcotic
Video Dojo Expo 2 Champion: MMDv
Video Dojo Expo 2 Champion: blazeraptor
Video Dojo Expo 1 Winner: Miku Fantasy
Video Dojo Expo 1 Winner: sociohat
Video Dojo Expo 1 Winner: Angel Dreams
Video Dojo Expo 1 Winner: EmberAce216

Enjoy MikuMikuDance!


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