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Add Life to your MMD soundtrack with Laughter and Applause! VDE-3!

How can I make my MMD video sound like it’s in front of a live audience? How can I add audience applause to my MMD video? Where can I get applause for my MMD animation soundtrack?

Add Life to your MMD soundtrack
with Laughter and Applause!

I am starting to work on my “Gotta Sing… Gotta DANCE!” VDE-3 entry… and I always start with the soundtrack. I selected my song… put a test video of it onto YouTube to see if they would complain… I waited about half-a-day…  and then I found that YouTube had accepted my use of the song.

Let the FUN commence!

I use the free software AUDACITY to edit my sound files and export WAV files for MikuMikuDance.

The song I had chosen had a long instrumental “intro”, a long instrumental “break” in the middle, and a bunch of artful clatter at the end of the piece… using Audacity, I simply cut those bits out of my new version of the song. My song went from nearly four minutes down to about exactly 2-1/2 minutes… perfect!

I then used a couple of my old WAV files for Laughter and Applause as a way to add some life to my MMD animation. NOW it sounds like it’s actually on-stage in front of a live audience! … or, at least, like it has a laugh-track and an applause-track!

YOU can DOWNLOAD my “Laughter and Applause” tracks…

Just visit the downloads page on… and download “Reggies WAVs.ZIP”


It’s amazing how adding laughter and applause “lightens-up” the whole piece… makes it very friendly.

NOW I am looking for some MACHO MMD men models for my stage performance… TOUGH to FIND tough guys for MMD…!

So far, I have a “cheap nightclub” stage (by Trackdancer Productions), my TDA Gakupo model and a couple of stand-ins just to help me visualize my project.

It’s “still early days”… I am looking forward to seeing WHAT I come up with as my project develops… I know that it will evolve quite a bit as I get into this MMD animation.

Have FUN with MikuMikuDance!


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