An MMD town stage: Making Kerorin Town Great Again – Part 2

An MMD town stage: Making Kerorin Town Great Again - Part 2

Here is Part TWO in this series…

See Parts ONE and THREE… Enjoy!

Making Kerorin Town Great Again – Part 2

Setting up the Master Control System

The Kelorin town model consists of the following modules:


Step 1: You will need a spreadsheet

Using PMXE, open up each module in the Kelorin town folder, one at a time. Go to the “bones” tab and find the bone that is labeled: kr3_block_x where x=to the descriptor at the end of the module’s filename.

Copy the x, y and z coordinates of that bone into your spreadsheet. These were the values on my copies of the modules. Yours should be the same, but you will need to double check as it is absolutely important that these values are accurate. If you prefer, you can try and grab these coordinates off of my spreadsheet which can be found here.

Note that the canal module only has a center bone, and uses the default values for that bone. Also “utilities” refers to the “denchu” module.

Step 2: Preparing the modules

The following steps will be required for all the modules. We will use the kr3_block_a module by way of example.

Add the EN label. Just use the module file name.

Make sure the EN side of the Bone Name field is populated. Use the name as listed in the bone list. The canal module only has one bone so skip this step for that module.

Populate the EN side of the Mrph Name label. Just copy over the Japanese label.

Move the kr3_xxxx_x bone to the top of the list. If you do not do this, you will not be able to see this bone listed in MMD’s Group list display. The center bone on all these modules (except the canal module) are actually redundant. However, do not delete this bone as otherwise the module will crash MMD. Skip this step for the canal module.

Step 3: Create a Master dummy bone module

This module is the key to the system. Just follow the instructions below to set up this module.

Populate at least the EN side of the Name: field. Just use the module name. You can call this module whatever you like, but we advise using ALL CAPS for the label to make this module easier to identify.

See instructions in the text below.

  1. Add a mother bone using the semi-standard bone plugin.
  2. Create 8 new bones. One each for each module.
  3. Populate both the JP and EN sides of the Bone Name field.
  4. Use the coordinates from your spreadsheet to locate these bones.
  5. The parent bone for these bones must be the center bone.

These bones are anchor bones for the modules and can either be ROT or ROT/MVN type. The latter offers some flexibility, but in practice these bones will never be moved, so choose whichever type you like. However, make sure VIS and Enable are both selected.

The skydome and 3 dummy bones are optional. Nice to have but not necessary. All of these bones can use either the mother bone as their parent or left at null (-1). Do not use the Center bone as their parent; if you must move them with the Center bone, set this up in MMD using the OP function.

See instructions in the text below.

  1. Create a category for the Center bone and locate the Center bone in this group. If you cannot find the Center bone from the Bone: drop box, chances are that it is in the [Root] list. There is also a good chance that this group was automatically set up in which case you can skip this step.
  2. Create a “modules” category and put the module bones in this list.
  3. If you have any of the optional bones, create a separate category and put them into that list.
  4. In all cases, make sure that the EN side of the Name: field is populated.

Save this module in the same folder as the rest of the Kelorin Town modules.

– – –

Credits and Links

Town models by Kelorin Jo BTA

Kelorin Town version 2.02

Kelorin Town version 3.0
Password is here:
(The tutorial uses this version)

IA Rocks [Unofficial] :

MMD 9.31
PMX Editor
Irfanview 64
Effects: ExcellentShadows2 / Ray_MMD

Continued in Part 3.


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