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Announcing The Momi Cup 4!

When does the 2014 Momi Cup 4 begin? How do I enter the Momi Cup? What are the deadlines for the Momi Cup 4? What is the Momi Cup? Where is the Official Momi Cup 4 website?

The Momi Cup 4 has begun!

This is a good time to be an MMD-er! The Momi Cup 4 has begun.  Those of you who are new to MikuMikuDance might not be aware of what all this is about.  The Momi Cup is an annual international festival/competition celebrating MikuMikuDance. MMD-ers from all over the globe and all levels get to participate in this festival/competition.

The announcement video was uploaded on January 10th. ( ) The rules and conditions are pretty much the same as last year’s. The biggest difference is how to submit your entry. You still upload your entry to your own YouTube Channel then copy/paste YouTube URL in a private message sent to the Momi Cup channel.

Important Dates:

01- April -2014 – Deadline (Midnight GMT).
10- April -2014 — Top 10
15- April -2014 — Top 5
20- April -2014 – Winner

I’m very proud to say that we here at are again sponsoring the Official Momi Cup 4 Website. The link is here: ( ).  We are honored and humbled to play a part in this international festival. The rules and regulations are posted there.

We here at are committed to helping out any and all MMD-ers. We provide many informative articles over a vast range of topics all you would have to do, is read and follow them. If you have a question, chances are, we have an article on it. We also provide small animation exercises which will help you become a more confident animator. They are called 0-450 challenges.

A Special Note.

I’m not one who would normally feel comfortable speaking for the entire MMDC (MikuMikuDance Community). However, I think I can safely say that we are all sorry to hear that MotionMakerDiva has fallen ill and we wish for her speedy and complete recovery.

I also want to wish all of us a fun and inventive Momi Cup 4. This is all about pushing our talents to the limits.

Let’s all have fun with this.


Momi Cup 3 Participation Trophy by MotionMakerDiva.

Aura Effect from Beam Man.


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