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Use PMDE to Switch On the MME AutoLuminous effect in MMD

How do I use the MME AutoLuminous effect? Do I need to use PMDE to turn on the AutoLuminous effect in MMD?  LearnMMD MME Tutorials. Where do I download the Auto Luminous effect?

Use PMDE to “Switch On” the AutoLuminous effect!

Everybody seemed to like Arizona’s article on using ObjectLuminous (which can be found here: Arizona’s ObjectLuminous Effect Article) but it really didn’t work for me.

I’m not kidding. It literally didn’t work for me. The instructions were awesome, the problem was me. I just couldn’t grasp all the unchecking and checking. Luckily, I searched around and found another luminous effect … AutoLuminous! I tried it out. It’s the same as ObjectLumionus, just applied differently. And yes, it involves PMDEditor.

First download MME and PMD Editor in English from the LearnMMD Downloads page.

Download the effect here: The Skydrive Effects page.

Choose the AutoLuminous2. There are Japanese file names in that ZIP folder but it’s OK to open with WinZip, the effect still works. Open PMDEditor and open a model. As your first model, you would probably like to try one of the starter models because they have less separate parts than other models.

Do a SAVE AS and rename your model: MikuLuminous, or something like that. Highlight the part that you want to glow and find it in the main window under the MA tab. Or just pick a color on that MA tab as an experiment. Do you see the part that says Specular? Look to the far right of that. There will be a text box labeled Shininess. Type in 110 … No more, no less … or else it won’t work. Repeat this for any other parts that you want to glow. SAVE your new model.

Now time for the fun part!

Go back into MMD. Load your model. Load the effect! (It’s an .X file.) YOUR MODEL IS GLOWING! Unfortunately, this does turn the background black (like Diffusion) but all you have to do to fix that is to load a white (or any) background image.

Hope you enjoy this effect!


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