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Bandizip® keeps Japanese file names intact when Extracting ZIP folders

How can I keep the Japanese file names when I download and extract new MMD models? Do I have to use Applocale to keep the file names from getting scrambled?

Bandisoft’s free Bandizip® software
lets you keep the original Japanese file names!

Over the years that I have been enjoying MikuMikuDance, the on-going bugaboo has been the scrambled file names that occur when you unzip a Japanese model… I have been using the 7-Zip/Applocale routine as my favorite method… but just today I was pointed to Bandizip.

Get Bandizip

Download the Bandizip set-up file and follow the defaults as you run that program. I opted to not add the icon to my toolbar… but I DID go for the desktop icon.

Use Bandizip

Using Bandizip is easy. Double-click the desktop shortcut icon… navigate to your zipped folder… Click the Code page button to select Japanese… and then click Extract. I just clicked OK for the defaults… and there was the new folder with the Japanese file names… too awesome!

Too late for your existing models…

… unless you still have the model’s original zipped folder.

… and even so…

You will find that the model, when loaded, may still have the NULL bone names. That’s always a problem… but our xxBodger has a solution using PMDE and Google Translate.

and also here:

Bandizip… Fast and Easy…

Enjoy MikuMikuDance!


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