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Beamman’s MME SelfFreeze Effect for MikuMikuDance 7.39

Where can I get the MME SelfFreeze effect for MMD 7.39? How do you change the size of the MME SelfFreeze effect? LearnMMD MME Tutorials. I don’t see Beamman’s SelfFreeze effect on his downloads page.

Beamman’s SelfBurning Effect Zip
includes the MME SelfFreeze effect!

Our “Stella the Alchemist” recently wrote an article about Beamman’s Self Burning effect and mentioned that the download also included an MME SelfDarkness and an MME SelfFreeze Effect. I have tried them all … and I found the SelfDarkness to look like what I would expect to see after the SelfBurning effect had “gone out” … a very similar effect except SelfDarkness uses puffs of black and gray “smoke” rather than flames. The smoke clouds and puffs dissipate and vaporize into thin air rather nicely … and you can adjust the Size parameter in the AMP for tiny polka-dot puffs of smoke or huge train-wreck-on-fire billows!

But it is the MME SelfFreeze effect that caught my imagination. It loads the same and requires the same setup as Stella described in her SelfBurning article. Read that article to get the link to Beamman’s downloads page.

It’s fun to mess with the AMP settings on these effects to see what you can create. That unnatural mix of white gas and blue snowflakes is just so amazing … the SelfFreeze effect can stand as a “stage” … all by itself!

For the video, I used a black background so as to make the effect more brilliant. I also started the animation with the SelfFreeze effect “on” but I had the size set to Zero in frame zero. In frame 40 I set the effect’s size to 7.0 to make it huge! In frame 740 I again registered the same 7.0 size … and then in frame 763 I set the size to Zero.   Those settings cause the effect to zoom into full-scale awesomeness for the dance … and then fade out to nothing at the end of the video.

Have fun with the SelfFreeze, SelfBurning and SelfDarkness effects!


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