Behind the Scenes insights into my newest video

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Behind the Scenes insights into my newest video!

CLICK to see my "Making Of" article about my newest Happy Birthday Miku video!*Ahem…Do you guys still remember, a few days (weeks?) ago, we celebrated Miku’s birthday. And both Vocaloid and MMD fans from around the globe were very enthusiastic about the event, that websites like YouTube, NicoNicoDouga, or DeviantArt were literally overflowing with everyone’s creativity, ranging from simple dance videos, beautiful pictures, or even a highly complex drama and many other fun things?

The heat most certainly reaches us at’s editorial desks, too! Some of the writers jumped into action and give it their all for this annual event. And although we unfortunately had to cancel the idea of a video compilation due to time constraints, it’s been a fun moment for all of us these past few days!

I created this video: Miku’s Birthday Gift

MMD Beginners… everyone starts as a newbie…

And…yeah, I think I’m speaking, in this article, on behalf of all the newcomers to our MMD world… specifically those who have ZERO experience at anything related to making an animation before, who are compelled to enter the world of MikuMikuDance with nothing but sheer passion for Vocaloid or MMD related stuff (… and an internet connection, of course); those who are dazed by some of the “Great Videos” out there and having dreams that someday, they, too, will be able to make a creation on the level of “Pro”… but then, reality smacked them in the head! It turns out they feel that making a decent video is too much for them.


Not at all, my friend…

Everyone is a novice at first. The only thing that makes a difference is whether you run away, or wade through the sea of challenge, slowly but surely making yourself into a better MMDer.

I… sometimes laugh at my own work from a year ago. Well, I’m not a pro right now, either, but looking back at those early works, I can tell that I’m gradually getting better!

So… SEE MY FULL-PAGE ARTICLE that discloses my thinking as I put together my Miku’s Birthday Gift video and strive to become a better MMDer!

Enjoy MikuMikuDance!



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