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Pose MMD Models Naturally Using Reference Pictures

How do I pose MMD models to look natural? Natural poses are easier to make if you have a reference picture. Where can I get pictures to help me pose MMD models and dancers? Use Reference Pictures as you Pose MMD Models! Poses are an important aspect of MMD. No matter how pretty a model […]


Translate Japanese Models to English with Google Translate and PMDE

Help! My new MMD model has no English bone names and is missing all of the Facial adjustments! Why are the Facial adjustments blank? Why can I see the facials only in Japanese mode? Recover English Bone Names … Translate Japanese Models into English! Your Japanese PMD models will be so much easier to use! […]


More on Accessory Manipulation in MikuMikuDance

Kaito Sees Rotating Stars Thanks to the Accessory Manipulation Panel.

How do you get a model to grip accessories better in MMD? How can you fine tune accessory manipulations in MikuMikuDance? How do you get things to spin in MMD DirectX9? What else can you do with Accessory Manipulation Panel in MikuMikuDance? Get a Grip! More on Accessory Manipulation in MikuMikuDance If you are an avid reader […]


Select the Center Bone if your MMD Model Doesn’t Feel the Floor

Why does my MikuMikuDance model go through the floor. Why does it seem that my model can’t feel the floor. I move the center bone but her legs don’t bend, she goes down through the floor. Why does my MMD model not bend at the knees when I move the center bone? This is one […]


Yu Higuchi’s Anatomy: A Lesson on MMD Bones

Leonardo meets Higuchi in a culture clash!

Yu Higuchi’s Anatomy – or – A Lesson on MMD Bones. ANYTHING THAT MOVES, on a model, will have a corresponding bone attached to it. That’s why some models have weird things like hair bones and eye bones and other bizarre anatomy that you’ve never heard about in any of your Health and Anatomy classes. […]

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