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More Motion Interpolation Curve Instruction for MMDers

How do I use the motion interpolation curves in MMD MikuMikuDance? What do the curved shapes mean? Why would I use the motion interpolation curves? Use the Motion Interpolation Curves to make Snappier Motions! The two models in that picture are using the same motion data … except the one on the Left has a […]


Create Wing Flapping Motion for Teto Chimera MMD 7.39

Give the Animasa Teto Chimera a wing flapping motion in MMD 7.39

How can I make Teto Chimera fly? How do I make a wing flapping motion? Where can I download Chimera Teto? Winging It! … How to Animate Wings in MMD Most models have no wings. They walk, they run…but they don’t fly! Rarely do you come across a model with large, working wings. Take the […]

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