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Convert .PMD Stages to .X Format using PMDE for MMD

How do I convert .PMD stages into an Accessory in MMD? Can I make a  .PMD model into a .x model for use as an accessory in MikuMikuDance? Can I edit .x accessory models in PMD Editor PMDE? Why does my system lag when I use some stages and not others?

Convert .PMD Stages to .X Format using PMDE

Stages are wonderful. They can add a realistic atmosphere to any MMD animation or picture. However (and you may or may have not had this problem before) some stages are in the .pmd format. When you open these stages up in MMD, the whole system lags TONS. Especially when it’s a large and detailed stage. Yikes! I really hate when my system lags, so I fooled around a bit with PMDEditor and found the answer to my problem.

Yes, you will need PMDEditor. Any version will do, but I’m using the English version. Download it here:

Take your .pmd stage and load it to PMDEditor. Choose the stage/item that you want to convert. After loading the model, go into the Edit tab on the main window. (Not PMDView, in case that’s what you’re thinking.) There will be a tab labeled file. (You should know this tab well. After all, it is where you save models!) Find the button that says Export (X). Click Accessory. Save it in whatever folder you want, and open it as an accessory in MMD. You’re done!

You can also import .X files and edit them in PMDEditor. Take the same steps, but instead of clicking Export, click Import X file.

Believe it or not, I did not know how to do this when I first got PMDEditor. When you explore it, you can find out so many cool things. (I admit it…usually I find out stuff like this from tutorials!)


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