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Create Motion Data – So you think you can’t dance?

How do I create motion data in MMD? Can I make my own motions in MikuMikuDance? How can I learn to make my own motions?

Create Motion Data …
So you think you can’t dance?

Let’s break it down, and go back to the name. MikuMikuDance implies dancing, right? Right! So what if your not so good at it yet… okay so it looks a little akward (Hawkeye fan girls read Hawkward) and maybe it goes a liiitle too fast… or you can’t figure out a good camera angle.

Well, let’s cheat a little!

Pick out two of your favorite models, try to get some with skin tight, or less, clothing to make it easier. Have your models? Good! Now put one model behind the other. Lets give them enough room to turn all the way around without hitting each other, and then some.

Here’s where it gets creative!

Let’s use… drum roll please… …


The Motion Data Index is on the dA page of LearnMMD’s MMD-Nay-PMD.

This sucker is split into three parts.

A- L



Choose the Motion you’d like to copy …

Most of these dances include that alone, some include a dance and song file or dance and camera angle, and a few include a dance, camera angle, song, and stage. Woohoo! Now why did I give you this? Let’s continue.

First, pick your favorite! As long as the dance works you don’t need anything else. Make sure your models have space.

Now apply the dance to- and I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH- the model in the BACK.

You should have a model with no motion data in the front and a model with the chosen motion data in the back.

Time to learn for real!

Match the model in the front to the model in the back, posing everything by hand. Make sure you register your work and go to the next frame. Do the same thing.

Oh wait is that too tedious for you? I can fix that.

After you pose your first frame, keep going through the frames until something stops or switches direction. Try to keep track of how fast it goes, so that when you play it for real you can think about how much you need to move each frame. Now pose! Register! Repeat! That’s right, your model is dancing! If your synchronized with the model in the back they should look close to identical.

Now add the stage, camera angle, and song if it came with any.

How is this cheating? Well its not exactly original is it?

TIPS FROM FIA: If it helps you judge time and movement, add the song in when you add the dance, that way you can tell how far into the song you are! And don’t be afraid to adjust the dance a little; is that leg too far out? Move it in a wee bit!


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