Create, Save a Natural, Sexy Pose you can load in MikuMikuDance

How can I save a pose position? My characters are so stiff. Where can I get a sexy pose for my Miku Miku Dance models? MikuMikuDance Tutorial. I want to load a pose file.

Create and Save a Natural, Sexy Pose that you can load in MikuMikuDance

When you first load a model in MikuMikuDance, it arrives posed in a rather stiff position. It always takes a few moments to maneuver the character into a more natural, appealing pose.  So … I created a nice stance that I could save to use as a starting place … a “quick start” … for a dance project.

I adjusted almost every major bone to achieve that position. I used my saved Hand Pose files to quickly position the hands in a natural way. I then positioned the arms for a pleasant look. (Actually, I have “saved positions” for “relaxed arms” that I can load at any time.)

My guiding influence in this pose was a trick that a photographer’s model once told me … a sexy pose is easy if you pretend to be “squeezing a dime between your butt cheeks” … That brings your lower body forward, arcs your spine, raises your chin, and stretches your legs as if standing in high heels … and your walk becomes more animated as you “don’t drop the dime.”

So … start by rolling the Lower Body forward, compensate for it by rolling the Upper Body back, roll the Neck back a bit, roll the Head back a bit to lift the chin. Now roll the shoulders back to thrust the breasts forward.

The models in Miku Miku Dance have clunky shoes … so it’s hard to get a “high heels” look. I raised the Center bone a little to make the model a little lighter on her feet. I flexed the right leg, slid it forward a tad, and rolled the hips (Lower Body) a little to the right to put “weight” on that right leg.

DOWNLOAD MY POSE FILE, LivlierPoseRD.vpd, and try it for yourself. I also made a one-frame Dance File LivlierPoseRD.pmmthat looks just like the image, above, with both characters standing side-by-side. — Enjoy!


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