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Create Simple Accessories Using PMD Editor

Can PMD Editor be used to make accessories? Can I make something from scratch using PMDE? How do I make my own accessories with PMD Editor?

Who ever said that PMD Editor can only be used for editing models?
Now you can create simple accessories with PMD Editor!

Did you know that you can create primitives with PMD Editor?

Primitives are basic shapes that serve as a base for most 3D models. You could basically almost do anything to them. There are five primitives that PMD Editor can create:

PMD Editor can also generate text-shaped mesh!



Sounds interesting, huh? I’ll show you how to do it!

Note: This works on PMDE ver. 0139 and above.
UPDATE: I just found out that this also works on PMDE English!

Press ctrl+P on your keyboard and a small window will appear

For the English version, just go to the PMDView window and click Edit > Add Primitive.

1 – Create Primitive on a new Material
2 – Edge lines are on
3 – Material Panel
4 – Shape tabs (From Left to right: Plane, Cube, Sphere, Cylinder, Torus, Text)
5 – Create Primitive
6 – Position (The three boxes are the X, Y, and Z axes respectively)

If you click and look at the tabs you’ll find boxes with numbers in them. These adjust the sizes of the primitives you make.The numbers that you see on the screenshots below are there by default. Play around with the values until you get your desired size.

Note: clicking on the “フォント” button lets you choose the font style and font size. Also do note that some fonts do not work, but this rarely happens.


It’s… White?

By default, the color of your mesh will be white.



To change it, you’ll have to go to the Material Panel on the other window.

There you go!



To help you shape those primitives into something you want, you can use these tools in the menu bar to manipulate the primitives.



Can you use PMD Editor to make your own models the same way?

As much as we wish we could, PMD Editor is very limited compared to other 3D modeling software. That doesn’t mean this feature is useless either! It’s pretty helpful if you want to make something to use for MMD only and if you don’t have any other 3D modeling software to make your parts.

Experiment with the settings and play with the tools. Once you get the hang of it, you can create something as simple as a soda can…




…To something as complex as a stage!

Neru Model by Animasa


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