Different MMD models react differently to pose and motion data

My MMD motion data doesn’t work! My MMD models react differently to pose and motion data. Why does my pose data look bad on my model?

When you load a pose onto an MMD model, you expect that model to strike that pose! … but, as we see in this test, not all models react as you expect. Different models “read” their pose data differently.

You should HOLD AUDITIONS because…
Different MMD models react differently to pose and motion data

MMD Pose Audition test... poses don't fit all models - LearnMMD

I started with my Angelpie model (I can’t give a link because she was a short-time-only promotional model and is no longer available online).

See the details of that pose… the squat position… left hand on left knee… the fingertips by the face… the expression on face and eyes… angle of the head…

Then I loaded Miku Cagada (model no longer being distributed)… and see how different is her “take” on that pose data; knees on the floor, left arm straight out, and the face didn’t get the message, at all!

Then I added Kisaragi Chihaya Gothic Princess
(model no longer being distributed) and saw that she, too had a different take on that pose.

Then Cute Miku Ver 2

Cute Miku “saw” the pose data in the same way as Angelpie… looks very similar!


the Animasa Miku…(who saw the pose as did the Princess) and, finally 2015 May Saboten – Erena Mochizuki\Mochizuki Elena
… a Windows 100% model (I cannot give a link for this model.)

THAT model reacted in a bizarre way with those knees splaying-out BEHIND her!

THE LESSON: If you have a motion to try in MMD… you should audition several models to find the one that looks to be just right for your animation.

Note, too, that a motion may rely on your model having a motherbone… and a model, without that bone, may not perform correctly.

Have fun with MikuMikuDance!


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