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Download Early Miku 1052C-Re0710 MMD Models from 2010!

Download these 1052C-Re0710 MMD Models and enjoy!

Download these 1052C-Re0710 MMD Models from 2010!

These 1052C-Re0710 MMD models were created in 2010. I have owned my own set since about that time! … and I thought that their download links, and so these models, themselves, had been lost to the ages.

But! I found them online this morning! So you can download these treasures for your own.

I created this EVERGLOW – Adios video to show off these girls! Too funny!

(Discriptions and links are in the video description.)

The download includes all four figures!

All of these years I never understood why we get the two identical fully-costumed models when we download these 1052C-Re0710 MMD models. Today I decided to answer that question as I wrote this article and, “Oh, I get it…” I had just never looked at them side-by-side from that angle before!

Not much to say except “Enjoy!”

The download does not include a ReadMe. I am sure that there is, somewhere, a HISTORY behind these models. I just haven’t seen it yet!

Not translated and no Motherbone…

Yup. These models are not translated, so you will want to translate them for your use. Also you can add a Motherbone at the same time. I did that today and had no issues.

These models work very well. It’s too funny when you get those big “clubs” of hair flying when the model is in motion! I kind of always felt that the faces of these models looked rather insectoid! Imagine if we were visited by insect-aliens who were trying to pass themselves off as humans… it’s those EYES, I think.

Quite a few years ago I made a video using the bikini model in a beach scene… the “Annoying Orange” meme…

… just a crazy bit of fun for a LearnMMD “Meme” Contest.

These guys are a great addition to your MMD model collection!

Gotta love ’em!

Have fun with MikuMikuDance!



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