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Download instant fight scene motion by Mahlazer

Back in 2014 I downloaded Mahlazer’s “Marie Rose DOA 5” motion set that gives you nice fight scene motion VMD files… and I only used the opening moment of walking motion as I wrote about that download, back then.

Just today, only about 5 years later, I revisited that video on YouTube and was amazed at what I saw. Mahlazer’s animation looks like an ad for a video game… but, “yes.” that IS the animation.

Instant MMD Fight Scene…

When you click the link contained in the description for that video, you get the motion for Marie Rose, the motion for the Enemy, and the Camera VMD motion file… and you also get the music WAV file.

You simply Open MMD, load two models, apply those fight scene motions to the models, add the camera motion, Load the WAV file… and push PLAY.

I added a stage and the SSAO-Lite effect for some color depth… and I was DONE… that’s all there was to it!

The models I chose were a couple of TDA edits by French Fries on Deviant Art.

That’s the Hiratabashi Station Stage by Ejima8.

… and the only effect I used was SSAO-Lite.

I spent no time to modify the motions to suit my models… what you see in that video is what I downloaded from Mahlazer’s animation.

Have fun with MikuMikuDance!



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