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Download Jomomonogm’s Snow Miku 2019 for MMD, a most unusual model!

Download Jomomonogm's Snow Miku 2019

Where can I download Jomomonogm’s Snow Miku 2019? What is so unusual about this Snow Miku 2019 model? Where can I download MMD models?

Download Jomomonogm’s Snow Miku 2019
… a most unusual MMD model!

What makes her unusual?

She is tall and beautiful with an outstanding costume…

… and her natural facial expression is frowning!

With “Grin” at 100% (and a bit of “a”) we get this beautiful face…

… she looks like someone you’d like to know!

Download Jomomonogm’s Snow Miku 2019 from her dA page.

The flowing costume behaves very well in “action”…

Enjoy Snow Miku 2019 by Jomomonogm!

Reggie’s MMD Model Adoration Slideshow videos…

I totally enjoy sharing new models with you in this slideshow format. I start by creating the full dance video… with effects and lighting and custom camerawork that shows-off the model’s features. Lots of face-shots and close-ups, maybe more than would be in a typical MMD dance video. I want to see that I create scenes that I can later catch as still-images for the slideshow. Then, I play that video at full screen and make image captures of that video which I then save into Photoshop… Twenty-nine images for this slideshow! I also use MMD to make short animation clips that I can sprinkle into the slideshow. Through the magic of Windows MovieMaker, I generate the final video. This particular slideshow video took me about four-hours to create from concept to posting on YouTube. Fun!

Enjoy MikuMikuDance!



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