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Download new Rio Carnival models by shiro-nekovocaloid, Miku, Haku and Luka!

You can download new rio carnival models by shiro nekovocaloid

Where can I download Rio Carnival models by shiro-nekovocaloid. Are there fancy MMD showgirls? How can I get Las Vegas show-girl nightclub models?

OMG… so much color!

New Rio Carnival models by shiro-nekovocaloid are available for download…
… Miku, Haku and Luka!

I was looking at YouTube this morning… hoping to find something NEW… and I found it! A set of three Rio Carnival models by shiro-nekovocaloid … that is a 58MB RAR folder… and be sure to read at least the main README in each model… there is a collection of ReadMe files with each model… shows much tracing of the model’s design history. … Keeping the Faith!

At first glance, I thought they were designed to be Las Vegas Showgirls… But these models are fashioned after the “Carnival” dancers of Rio de Janeiro. I believe they’d drop right into the New Orleans Mardi Gras, too!

These models are beautiful! … and they are very similar to one-another so… they ARE a set of dancers.

SO MUCH COLOR… especially when
I put them on Trackdancer’s LearnMMD Stage!

Trackdancer’s LearnMMD Stage has that wonderful option for a tinted background screen… so interesting and, again, adds so much color to the scene!

The Physics on these models must be Complicated… they slowed my machine!

I created a test animation for these models. I loaded one of them… and all was good. When I loaded a SECOND one… S-L-O-W… my computer almost locked-up. And then the with the Third Model… my refresh rate in MMD was 1-fps or less!

BUT… when I set the Physics to No Calculation… everything was FINE again. … I created my entire animation with effects, and all, with no physics calculations. … and it played well… looked good… but I needed the Physics. So, after I SAVED, I switched-ON the physics and did a RENDER to AVI. … My animation worked really well… those models look great!



I used what I just about ALWAYS use for a test motion file: Mahlazer’s “Feel the Sound” motion and the music that accompanies that download. It’s a very busy motion and a good test for a new model try-out. These models have Motherbones, so you can load the same motion onto each of them and then use the Motherbone to place them where you want them on your stage.

The LearnMMD Stage needs Autoluminous so as to light the lights… and the Rio Carnival models have features that shine under Autoluminous, as well.

I added SSAO for a deep color saturation… and I used SvDOF to control the depth of focus… though, after all my work in setting that up, this little dance moves so quickly that I can hardly SEE the DOF at work!

You have to WATCH-OUT, a little bit… These girls are TDA models… so most Shaders and some lighting effects will not work with their faces. As I worked to create my animation, I DID try a couple of effects that looked just “bad”… beautiful faces… if you are careful.

Camerawork is EVERYTHING to this little dance. … It’s a busy dance… the camerawork needs to keep-up! I try NEVER to let my camera sit still, even in a QUIET animation… and in THIS one, I kept that camera busy!

Enjoy the Rio Carnival models by shiro-nekovocaloid

… and have FUN with MikuMikuDance!


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