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Fix the “Post Effect cannot be specified” error

Post Effect cannot be specified

How do I fix the “Post Effect cannot be specified” error. Why do I get the Post Effect cannot be specified error? What causes the Post Effect cannot be specified error?

Hello! If you’ve found this error after trying to load a specific FX file, here you may learn how to solve this issue, and that it isn’t as hard or impossible as it looks!

Fixing the “Post Effect cannot be specified” error…
…and autoloading of .FX in .X files

Example of this issue-

The error looks like this:

Many MMD users report that they get the “Post Effect cannot be specified” error as they try to use MMEs. The error statement is un-detailed: no mention of WHY the error… MMD just pops-up that message without specifying “what” is not working… all you know is that MMD doesn’t load your effect, no matter if you restart your computer or whatever… You must know that nobody has answered this issue clearly… Until today!

MME Effects…

You know that you cannot correctly run X effects without their respective FX files, one example is AutoLuminous that without its FX, doesn’t enhance the light of anything in your project, but what if that FX file isn’t being autoloaded when you open the X file (so the effect itself is invisible or broken), and when you open MME and try to load it by yourself it pops up the “Post Effect cannot be specified” error? That awful error, even when the X and FX are named correctly (same name both files).

I had this trouble with almost all the accessories/effects I tried, including Raycast: Not only ray.x didn’t automatically load the ray.fx file, the Skyboxes were broken as well… and when loading their FX manually, they looked weird.

Well, those were the examples–

Let’s jump to my solution-

First of all: You need to know that this undetailed error issue isn’t a problem with your device, nor anything in your MMD/MME. Don’t worry because all of that is working perfectly! Don’t fret about it as I did for one month.

Next, THIS  may be the cause:

Where did you put your effects? Somewhere… Out of the UserFile/Accessory/Effects folder?

Inside your Accessory folder, make yourself a new folder called EFFECTS. … And as you download new MME effects, drag that new ZIP or RAR folder to your desktop and extract (un-zip) that effect there, on your desktop… Then drag-and-drop that whole new folder into your EFFECTS folder. If you try other localization, it won’t work no matter what you do. Keep each effect folder intact. If you move files in-between folders, you risk “no autoload” of the proper .fx, no effect: you release the full issues of using the wrong path for the folders.
That was the very small and innocent error I did.

I know, right?… It may be have been more comfortable for you to use your own folders for your effects and now you are forced to switch to this route… but you won’t regret it. You just need to move your effects to this folder to fix it. If you try this method… Your amazing .x effects will finally be running as they are meant to, autoloading the .fx file, and you’ll get rid of that annoying and unfair error! This also works for the PMX accessories that include specific FXs.

ANOTHER CAUSE of this error:

Another way that you will trigger this error again is by manually loading a wrong FX onto your models (like trying to add ray.fx to any model is a way to pop-up this issue, you need to load Raycast/Main/main.fx instead).

So now, let’s enjoy and use your cool effects to make amazing and creative works!

Have fun with MikuMikuDance!



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