Get started with MMM – The Basics

How do you get started with MMM? How do you load a model in MikuMikuMoving? Can MMM run my older saved MMD dances? Can I load an Mp3 into Miku Miku Moving?

Get started with MMM – The Basics

Get started with MMM ... Visit Kazuki's Intro to MMM Page on!

MikuMikuMoving … A different program!

You see that icons, tabs and buttons are in different places and it takes a while to figure out how to delete motions, load stages, render videos, and so on.

I had so much to say and so many large images to show you that LearnMMD gave my article a whole page, by itself!

Visit my Intro to MMM Page!

I show you how to get started with MMM … how to load models and where to find some of the many buttons that seem “new” in MikuMikuMoving … and some controls that you will not find in MikuMikuDance!


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