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Getting Started with MMD Video on YouTube!

How do I start using MikuMikuDance? How do I get started with MMD? Where can I download MMD, the latest version. What do I do first after I download MMD?

New “Getting Started with MMD” Video is up on YouTube!

Comments and emails pour into LearnMMD from new MMDers looking for help. Many need answers for the most basic of questions. This new video by Reggie Dentmore attempts to show new users how to download MMD, the latest version of MMD, and what to do first as they get started with MMD.

The first time a newbie opens MikuMikuDance, he is confronted with an empty white stage … and no instructions. The usual pattern is to click around until he finds the Load button … loads Miku … and continues to click around until he gets tired of it.

Reggie’s video introduces the new users to the idea of “bones” … selecting and moving the bones, registering bone positions … moving through the frames … using the camera … using the various controls to quickly change your view of the stage and your model … setting the frame speed … using the PLAY button and the various switches and windows surrounding it.

There is plenty more to teach … plenty of room for Volumes 2, 3, and 4 thru 10 … and more! If you are NEW to MMD or are thinking of trying it out, give this 19-minute video a watch.


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