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Graphic Design Skills enhance MMD Pictures

Okay… so you want to learn how to use MMD to create  stunning 3D graphic designs?


Graphic Design Skills enhance MMD Pictures

Follow Steps A-G for a perfect Render!

A. Load Model Into MMD

B. Add background picture

C. Adjust  lighting  and camera angel to match

Note: sometimes this will mean aligning the axis with the ground.

D. Edit facials and pose of model

Note: make sure to have your Facial Skills mastered and your Basic Poses down … practice, practice, practice.

E. Add Pre effects With MME

Note: If you don’t Have MMD or need help, please refer to the copious amount of tutorials on our home page.

F. Render in 1280-720 into JPG

Note: Why 1280-720?… cause its the best for all formats

G.  Edit Photo With Any Kind of Photo Editor

Note: here’s a free great one online

And… “Voila!”
A semi Decent Photo… though this one was rushed!

With time and patience they can look like this in the end:

Have fun with MikuMikuDance!


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