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Great MMD Stages Source: Deviant Art

MMD Stages Source Featured

Where can I download MMD Stages? Is there a place where I can download a stage for MikuMikuDance? Where can I download a stage for MMD?

Deviant Art is a great place to
look for MMD stages!

If you are thinking of downloading a new MMD stage… get yourself to Deviant Art!

That link takes you to a Gallery page with all KINDS of stages… from grassy fields to space-going ships.

Here are a couple that caught my eye…

Wow!, Right? … an incredible stage ripped from a Diva production…

and THIS one… an “Egg Carrier”? … Cool, whatever!

… and thene there’s THIS one that will make you feel right at home…

I had to PLAY with this MMD McDonald’s stage by SteelDollS… it is very complete both INSIDE and OUTSIDE.

and…as big as this stage IS… it is sized “just right” for our hungry MMD models.

SteelDollS includes links for more McDonalds accessories so that your visit can be the complete experience!


Always keep track of your sources for everything you download and show a credit when you use it… and be sure to leave a note to say “Thank you!” as you make your download.

Have fun with MikuMikuDance!



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