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White screen covers MMD stage Intel Gen 12 Processor blocks MMD stage

I just got a new computer with an Intel Gen 12 Processor and it will not run MikuMikuDance. My MMD stage is covered by a white panel. I can see my model’s bones but I cannot see the coordinate axis. I can see only a white screen in MMD.

New Intel Gen 12 Processor blocks MMD stage with white panel

Many MMDers who have purchased new Windows 11 computers have reported that they cannot see the stage screen… it’s like the stage has a white screen, a white panel, covering the stage view in MMD. These new computers feature the Intel Gen 12 Processor.

It has come to my attention that the Intel Gen 12 Processor cannot run the older DirectX programs like MikuMikuDance.

I hope that some computer savvy MMDer finds a way around this problem.

I have no solution at this time. Microsoft or Intel will need to find a way to let the Intel Gen 12 Processor run these older, legacy games.

— Reggie




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