Are you running the Latest Version of MMM?

Are you running the Latest Version of MMM?

When you go to download MikuMikuMoving you are presented with a history of the various versions available … be sure to upload the latest version of MMM … you probably do not need an earlier version.

Updated More Often than MMD!

Seeing those options made me laugh. It’s not just MikuMikuDance that gets updated every few weeks … MikuMikuMoving looks to be going through similar gyrations!

I like that MOGProject lists the various older versions of MMM. The MMD VPVP homepage only shows the latest version of MikuMikuDance as if it’s the only DirectX version that ever existed. hosts all of the earlier versions of MikuMikuDance, starting with MMD 7.39 through today’s version. (If you do not see the older version you are looking for, just adjust the link to the ZIP file to show the version you want … we have it for you!) See the LearnMMD Downloads Page for the latest versions of MMD and for links to the MOGProject homepage where you can get MMM.


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