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“The making of ” any of my videos starts with these considerations…

Summary of “the making of ” of ALL my videos…

Before I begin with my series of “The making of” articles, I wanted to make one article that generally summarizes how I make all of my MMD videos. I decided to write this article first because the process is common to all of my “making of” articles and I didn’t want to have to repeat myself in each one. And, secondly, if you know my videos, you know that I always try something (and sometimes something completely) new and different. Because of this, I feel that each of my “the making of” articles will be different from one another.

I’m going to use my 5th video (which is currently my latest video) as reference for this article…

… so, without further ado, here goes:

Please click on any image to see the Larger version.

1) If you decide to make an MMD video based on a song, listen to the song that you are interested in a few times to get the general idea of what you are about to make.

2) Search for the lyrics and analyze it. The reason is because

3) Download/Figure out which model is best suited for the theme of the song/music. The reason is because:

4)When making MMD videos…

5) When saving:

6) Another important thing is to own other software. Yes… like video editing software… especially if you are creating multiples of videos like I mentioned earlier. And also perhaps some sort of Photoshop software if you want beautiful and interesting MMD pictures.

7) Double check your work before uploading your work to the internet!

And that’s it!

I know that some of the contents are somewhat incomplete… but as I mentioned earlier, this is just a general article. So, I will post my actual “The Making Of” articles sometime in the future.




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