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MMD Boobs too Big yields Too Funny Really Bad Boy video!

MMD Boobs too Big gives us a funny Really Really Bad Boys video!

Can MMD boobs too big get in the way of a downloaded motion file? What happens if an MMD model’s breasts are too large? Where can I download a nakao MMD model?  Where can I find a bikini Meiko model for MMD?

A Model with MMD Boobs too Big
gives us a funny Really Bad Boy video!

The Type N MMD models…

I am still working with the old MMD Type N models by nakao. This one is Meiko_NA from 2013.

DOWNLOAD this model’s Zip folder from The ReadMe gives permission to redistribute or even make modifications to it and redistribute. I did change a couple of file names and I did translate the ReadMe for you, there, in that ZIP folder. You will want to change the file names of the models inside that folder because they contain special unicode characters that will confuse MMD if you use them. Without changing the model’s file names, MMD will let you load the model but MMD will not be able to find it again if you try to reopen a saved PMM. The busty model I used is inside the folder with the English name on it.

This model is pretty busty!


… and things CAN GO AWRY!


… and that “Really Bad Boy” motion file by dA’s MirinTheFox certainly exceeds this model’s limits!

… not just once, but many times! … fun!

See my original Red-Velvet “Really Bad Boy” write-up

on for the links and descriptions.

Have fun with MikuMikuDance!



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