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MMD Circles haunts Halloween Visions download links

The MMD Circles Halloween animation is fun to make! Free Download

Is MMD Circles an easy Halloween animation? Where can I download MMD motion files for a Halloween animation? How can I make MMD Circles into a scary, spooky MMD animation?

The MMD Circles animation creates Halloween visions!

I went searching on YouTube to find an MMD Halloween animation with download links. I found THIS one by Spade D.

This MMD Circles animation makes use of one model playing TWO rolls… The scene opens with the model looking “normal” and then she “goes too deep” as a zombie? That original video uses a yandere model that goes form kind of injured to kind of undead! DOWNLOAD the Motion Files and WAV from that video, above.

My model goes from “witchy” to Full Demon!

See that original video in order to get the timing; the moments in which you display/not-display the two models.

I am sorry that I cannot share that model. She was gifted to me by an MMDer who does not wish the link to be made public.

Effects: Yes… but no stage!

I used the skydome “Spacedome” from the LearnMMD Stage by Trackdancer. This dome is a blue and black night sky with large soft star blurs.

I used KirtaKira Sparkle to put a lot of confusing action into my scene. I set it to Si 10 and adjusted the settings so as to have the sparkles flying in from below and off-center.

Real Figure and Real Material Shaders…

Last year I wrote about using Real Figure Shader and Real Material Shader. Real Figure was created in order to make your model look like it was a porcelain or plastic figurine, but I find it works great on a model’s bare skin; especially the face.

Real Material shader does a great job of boosting the natural textures of clothing, hair and accessories. But when used on “skin”, the look is harsh and edges look sharpened. So that is why I use both of these shaders on a model.

I this case, on both versions of the model, I applied Real Figure Shader to the entire model and then went into Subset-Extract to apply Real Material Shader only to the bikini and metal parts.

SSAO, Autoluminous, and BlackOut3

SSAO adds a nice depth of color to the entire scene. In this animation, I used the SSAO-Lite option. Autoluminous was added to make the best use of the TDA model. TDAs often have luminous elements. I used BlackOut3 to get a quick Fade-from-Black at the start and a nicer Fade-to-Black a the close of the video.

Customized the motion and WAV, a little!

The original motion file and WAV file “wanted” to end at about frame 1885. At the closing moment of the animation, the model shifts back into “normal” and makes a quick heart shape with her hands. As created, that “heart” moment comes and goes-by in only a couple of frames. I modified the motion to make the model hold-that-pose for over 15 frames so, at least, we could see that heart happen. And then I wanted my video to fade-to-black, but that WAV file instantly cuts into a second verse, or something. I opened the Audacity audio editing program and copy/pasted that final note into something that was over a second long, giving me time to fade-to-black. My new final frame count is 1928 frames.

Have some spooky fun with the MMD Circles animation!



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