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MMD Contest: Video Dojo Expo 1!

LearnMMD Video Dojo Expo competition: open to all MMDers!

No more Entries will be accepted for this competition!

You can VOTE to select the Winner… it’s a Viewers Choice competition…
VOTE for your Favorites! Choose the Winners!

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… become a
Video Dojo Expo Champion!

LearnMMD’s Video Dojo Expo Competition!


SIX creative MMDers will each get an article on featuring their winning video and their story: an email-interview with Reggie D and your article complete with pictures, an embedded video, and your story so you can tell the world about your video and your technique… your thoughts and visions!

Show us what you’ve got… !
Have Fun… Show Off… Win!

BASK in the GLORY!

Winners will have their names and video-links listed permanently on our new Video Dojo Expo Champions page AND get their feature article written and posted on!


This competition is open to all MMDers posting new videos to YouTube on or after the Competition START DATE of August 1, 2019. Only new videos posted on or after that date will be considered as contest entries.

The competition is CLOSED… no moe entries being accepted… Watch for NEW contest to start in December!


The sky’s the limit! Almost anything-goes! Your choice of subject and content… except: please use no commercial/advertising content in your video. And please remember that this IS a family show… don’t embarrass yourself or Reggie; make him proud of all you do. Reggie Dentmore will have “the word” in determining if an entry is out of bounds or unfit for this competition… please do not test the limits.

Is it OK to use motions that I downloaded?… or do I have to make everything, myself?”
Yes!… for this competition, feel free to use downloaded motions, models, and stages. Just remember to credit your sources! “Keep the Faith!”

Be sure to include the words:
in the title of your video on YouTube.

Send Reggie an email announcing your entry into the competition and include the link to your video.

KEEP THE FAITH! … Please list all of your credits in the written description area in your YouTube posting. Credit the various elements used in your animation… models, stages, accessories, effects, motion files, and etc. Keep the faith!


The competition will be judged by “Viewer’s Choice” votes… Our readers will determine the TOP-FIVE winning MMD videos from the group of entries.
PLUS: the LearnMMD Team will choose an Honorable Mention winner … for a total of SIX winners to be selected!

After the Entry Deadline… Let’s vote!

After the last entry is posted to YouTube on September 21st, the VOTING will commence! Starting September 22nd, LearnMMD will feature a new page listing/linking to each of the entries… assigning a letter-code to each entry. Our readers can click on the links to watch the videos and then can “vote” by emailing their letter-code choice to

The “Voting Period” will close at midnight, September 28th… allowing for a full week of voting. … Reggie D will manually count the votes and will publish the list of winners… honoring each with a listing on The Video Dojo Expo Champions page!

The Legal bits…

Know that each entry stands on its own merit. is not responsible for the content of any of the entry videos. To the best of our ability, entries with content deemed inappropriate will be disqualified from entry in this competition. Contestants retain full ownership of their creative submissions. Entrants, by entering this competition, acknowledge that they give permission for LearnMMD to use still image-captures from their submitted entry for promotion of this and any future competitions (LearnMMD will endeavor to credit any such images). The “prizes” offered are write-ups and links published “permanently” on as noted in the rules, above… and that “permanence” will be in effect for as long as is able to maintain its published pages.



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