MMD Fine Art: Explaining the inspiration of my MikuRose

Explaining the inspiration of my
… MMD Fine Art by Zazi the Angel

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As an artist sometimes you sit down and you hit a rut. You can’t figure out what to animate or what to pose… you just can’t figure it out. You start to feel depression sink in as it starts to feel like you’ve lost all hope. So, to rectify the situation, you go for a walk or, as in this case, that’s what I did; I walked around my apartment complex… and then to the pool hall… and then back to my apartment… but nothing worked. I was feeling like it was all over; like I was never going to render again if I couldn’t do something awesome today…

… and then…. it happened!

I saw a stunning picture of a blue rose. It was so pretty… so I searched Google for blue rose and came across a Stunning Picture of blue and white roses and I thought to myself, “I wonder what Miku would look like in this?” So after an hour of pose making and extensive color correction and blending on Sony Vegas, I settled on a “reaching sideways” design with a wind-like effect on her hair. To me this symbolized reaching for something new but not being able to find it in the wild without enhancements of some form… and the calm that comes with reaching the new item or reality ^_^ … but that’s just my thoughts as an artist and that’s how this piece was born:

MikuRose by Zazi the Angel ^_^

Feel free to download the picture, MikuRose.jpg 1920×1080 and use it how you wish … Also, a word of advice from someone who constantly burns himself out of ideas: Sometimes it just takes looking at something from a new angle to find the beauty in anything ;)



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