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MMD Keyboard Shortcuts Make MikuMikuDance Easier

What are the MMD keyboard shortcuts? Are there MikuMikuDance keyboard shortcuts? How do you use keyboard shortcuts in Miku Miku Dance?

Shortcuts. Amazing, aren’t they? They make things so much easier for you, not to mention so much faster as well! I have noticed that we already have a few keyboard shortcut articles here on LearnMMD which tell you about the interface shortcuts, so think of this as a continuation article.

MMD Keyboard Shortcuts: A Continuation~

Here is a small list of my favourite useful shortcuts that I am sure you are going to love, too! I hope they make your life a whole lot easier when using MMD.


 Interface Shortcuts:


Camera Shortcuts:


More Camera Shortcuts:

(Note: These only work if the Number Pad is activated using Number Lock.)



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