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MMD Model Adoration Slideshow video, a new type of MMD video!

MMD Model Adoration Slideshow features your model!

Does an MMD Model Adoration Slideshow show-off my MMD model? How can I show off my MMD model? How can I share my beautiful MMD model with the world?

The MMD Model Adoration Slideshow video,
a new type of MMD video!

Don’t you get tired of watching your model hop around in an MMD animation video? I know that I do.

Often, when I  make an MMD video, it’s because I want to share my beautiful model with you.

An MMD Model Adoration Slideshow video lets you do just that!

I have created two of these videos, so far…

An MMD Model Adoration Slideshow video…

… lets you show beautiful images of your model.

My method is to select an MMD dance routine that goes with a particular WAV file. I used the Dream Fighter animation and WAV to show you my Appearance Miku model. It’s kind of a “two-for” in which I let you hear the music as well as see some of the beautiful model pose scenes included in the MMD motion file that goes with that WAV.

I have also used the CLAP HANDS animation and WAV to show off my TDA Short Kimono model.

The process:

Create the MMD video as you usually would. Set a large frame size so that it will play with the best resolution. Knowing what I was going to do with my video, I kept the stage to a minimum. I did not want anything to distract from my beautiful model. In both of my videos, I did not use a stage. I put a drapery in as if there was a stage. I set a dark background image or, even just a black background. I loaded the model and added her motion data. If there was a Camera motion file, I used it and then edited it as needed to show off the model. If there was no Camera motion file, I carefully spent the time needed to create a nice camera motion that would show off my model’s attributes. … remember that your MMD camera can be very powerful; it can go where the actual camera cannot.

RENDER to AVI using your favorite method.

On your computer monitor, play your new video full screen. As you watch, pause the video or simply PRINT SCREEN on the fly as your video plays. Then use your art program: Photoshop, GIMP, or another, and save each of those screen captures as a JPG image.

You could watch MMD on your screen but then, as you make a screen-capture, you may not get the same “action” scene that you will see in your video. In mine, for instance, I used the CheapLens effect to add soft focus and motion blur. If I had made my screen captures from the MMD GUI, I would have lost that motion blur.

I use the Windows Movie-Maker software to assemble the images and add the sound WAV.

It’s easy to use the Windows Movie-Maker software to create a video slideshow.

Again, in my videos, I used the proper motion files with the associated WAV for that motion. Fun! I assemble the slideshow and then add the soundtrack WAV.

Have fun making your MMD Model Adoration slideshow!



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