Let your MMD model breathe and move while standing still!

How do I make my MMD model breathe? How do I make a natural breathing motion in MikuMikuDance? Why do my models look lifeless when they are standing or sitting in my MMD animations?

Let your MMD model breathe and move
while standing still!

Hello again!~~~~
Bunny here~

So, I’ve two tips to help make your animation’s model motions more realistic when they’re moving!

1). Make the model breathe in and out
2). Add a little static-motion (Because you never exactly stand still)

BUT, you do need to use the interpolation curve for all of these, here’s a tutorial that TaiGaO made: https://learnmmd.com/http:/learnmmd.com/lmake-smooth-motion-interpolation-curves
You will want to set the curve for a smooth entry and smooth exit for each motion. Try to get the interpolation curve like this:
Use this gentle interpolation curve for ALL of these gentle motions.(Use this one for all the frames, for both options)

So let’s start with Breathing!

Okay, so your model stands completely still at the moment?
Just follow these instructions~

1. Go 60 frames forward and rotate the back bones (upper body) a teeny tiny bit to the back, also rotate the shoulder bones a little bit up on the same frame (Don’t forget the interpolation curve).
Now go 2 frames forward and rotate the head bone a bit downwards so the eyes look at the camera (you).

2. Now go 60 frames forward again, and rotate the back bones a bit forward and the shoulders down again.
Also, go 2 frames forward again and rotate the head to it’s normal position (Facing you) (Interpolation curve!)

3. Repeat step 1 and 2 for as long as needed.

Static Motion… involuntary motions while standing still

1. Go approx. 40-80 frames forward, rotate the back bones a bit in whichever way you like. (To the side, backwards, forwards)
And go 4-6 frames further and rotate the head bones to the camera. (Interpolation curce again!)
2. Go approx. 40-80 frames further, and rotate the bones again like in step 1.

3. Repeat step 1 and 2 for as long as needed.


So that was my quick tutorial on making your models seem more alive! Soon I’ll make a tutorial about making smooth animation!~

Good luck with MMD’ing~ ;3

~ Bunny


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