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MME FunyaFunya Effect adds wavy psychedelia to your MMD scene!

How can I distort my MMD scene for a wavy look? Where can I download Harigane’s FunyaFunya effect? How do I adjust the FunyaFunya effect?


Harigane’s FunyaFunya Effect adds
wavy psychedelia to your MMD scene!

This is an older effect… it looks to have been developed in 2013, or so. and… it’s crazy, right?

What you see there is what it does!

Download the FunyaFunya Effect… when you see the title of the effect, right-click and Copy Link Address… and then paste that link into a new tab in your browser. The effect will then download.

I translated the ReadMe for you…

FunyaFunya.fx ver0.0.4
FunyaFunya_MMM.fxm ver0.0.4
FunyaFunya_Post.fx ver0.0.4

The fluffy effect, the model becomes fluffy and shakes.
FunyaFunya_Post.fx is a post-effect version. The entire screen becomes fluffy.

How to use
[For MMD / MME version]
(1) Apply FunyaFunya.fx to PMD or accessories.
In the case of GUI, assign FunyaFunya.fx to the object you want to apply from the main tab of “MMEffect”-> “Effect assignment”.
For file name setting: Change from XXXXX.pmd to XXXXX [FunyaFunya.fx] .pmd, or change FunyaFunya.fx to XXXXX.fx and load.
(2) Change the first parameter of FunyaFunya.fx as appropriate.

[For MikuMikuMoving version]
(1) Load FunyaFunya_MMM.fxm into MMM.
(2) Select the model you want to apply from “File”-> “Effect Assignment” in the MMM menu, and assign FunyaFunya_MMM.
(3) Parameters can be changed from the UI control added to the effect properties of MMM.

FunyaFunya_Post.fx How to use
(1) Load FunyaFunya_Post.x with MMD. Please load FunyaFunya_Post.fx directly in MMM.
(2) Please change the first parameter of FunyaFunya_Post.fx as appropriate.
(3) The following changes can be made with the MMD accessory parameters.
Si: Amplitude, X, Y: Wave vector, Z: Angular frequency
In MMM, it can be changed from the UI control added to the effect property.

It’s Easy and adjustable…

If you simply load the FunyaFunya_Post.X effect file as if it was a regular effect, you get this kind of a scene: the entire view is wavy. You can set the Si size to zero to have no effect… or set it it at 0.3 for gentle effect… or go as high as you wish for maximum effect!

As you saw in that test video, you can apply the effect through MME Effect Mapping… and apply the .FX file to your model. … with that, only the model will have the “waves”. … and to adjust THAT wave, you will need to edit the .fx file. … See the ReadMe notes, above.

AND you can do both!

Apply the effect to your model… and apply the .x file to your entire scene! and WOW… everything is going on!

… but you can be gentle…

If you set some minimum numbers, you can have the distortion be barely noticeable… and THAT might be a nice add-on to your scene… just a little something going on that your viewer cannot quite identify… a subliminal feast for the eyes.

One more tool for your MMD toolbox!

… have fun with MikuMikuDance!



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