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MotionBlur3 Effect adds visual reality to your MMD videos and stills!

Soboro's MotionBlur3 effect tutorial

Why would I use Soboro’s MotionBlur3 effect? Where can I download the MotionBlur3 effect? How can I catch the blur in a still image?

MotionBlur3 Effect adds visual reality to your MMD videos…
… and your still images, too!

A reader left a comment about an issue he was having with a motion-blur effect… and that got me started on this tutorial.

DOWNLOAD Soboro’s MotionBlur3 Effect

It’s easy to get started… except…

All you do is load a model and then load the MotionBlur.x file. And… … nothing happens.

If you swing the camera, you will see the blur. … Adjust the Si size of the effect to a bigger number to get MORE Blur. I found that movnig the camera was the easiest way to get a blur going. The effect works on the model’s motion, too… but you need to zoom-in close to the model and have a nice, swift motion… and a larger number in that Si box.

I made a test video with an Si size value of 6… watch the softness of the speeding hands and the wonderful blur as the camera dances with this video. … That awful music? … Nyan-Cat!

You might want to cut the sound so that you can concentrate on watching the blur “happen”. See that the blur is strongest when the camera is zoomed-in on the model… and the blur takes-over the entire screen when you make a quick camera-move!

You can also catch still frames that show the blur!

Aside from the MotionBlur.x file, you will see a LockMotion.x and a LockCamera.x file. These are the tools used to capture that active blur as a still image.

Let’s read the README.txt file:

Motion blur effect Ver.3.0
Production: Soboro

It is a motion blur that can be used just by reading.
From Ver.3, it can be used even for still images.

It is very heavy because it emphasizes quality more than Ver.2.x series.
Ver.2.2 is often sufficient for video.

It is adjusted mainly for still images.
It is better to have some background model even if it is plain, rather than the model alone.
A white background and a black background are included.


¡ Required environment

MME Ver.0.27 or later
Or MMM Ver.

Graphic board that supports SM3.0 + VTF + floating point textures

¡ How to use

-Load Motion Blur.x
E Blur strength adjustment with Si

Nothing changes when the screen is stationary,
Try moving it around.

¡ Supports still images

While the included LockMotion.x is loaded and displayed, motion state recording stops and
Blur will be applied depending on the amount of movement from the motion state immediately before that.

The following can be considered as typical usage.

Appropriately add motion
-Load LockMotion.x
Hide LockMotion.x (uncheck the Display box) at frame-zero and register the key
-Display LockMotion.x at the frame you want to output as a still image and register the key.
-Return the frame a little
-Move to the frame you want to output as a still image again
Screen Stops with blur

LockCamera.x has a similar function for blurring due to camera movement.


¡ MMM compatible

Supports MMM from Ver.2.2.
We have confirmed the operation with Ver.
However, there is a limitation that the movement of accessories will not be blurred.

¡ Notes

The following elements will not be blurred correctly. note that.
 The part that can be seen through the other side of the translucent material
-Objects that have been moved, transformed, or propagated by effects (including particle systems)
 What is reflected in the background AVI

If you turn off MME or use other effects together, a lot of strange boards may appear, but
If it gets in the way, please hide it by moving Y.
Do not replace dummy accessories.

PMX files with more than 260,000 vertices are not supported.

When used in combination with other post effects, it may not be blurred properly depending on the drawing order.
If you feel something is wrong, try changing the drawing order.

Got it?  … What??

To make a still image with the blur…

Load either LockMotion.x or LockCamera.x and, in FRAME ZERO, uncheck the DISPLAY box and “Register”.

Find the frame that you want to be your still image (in my image, below, that would be frame 109). Click to Display and Register. … now scroll back a few frames… and then, when you scroll forward to your chosen frame, the blur will start to show! … You may now Render to Picture File or simply Print-Screen to put the image on the clipboard memory.

There are two more .x files with bad names!

See the two .x files that are not translated. One of them, ìòöwîi.x, blocks-in a black background that cuts-out your skydome… the OTHER file, öÆöwîi.x, gives you a WHITE background…

There is still one more .x file… VelocityMap.x … but I didn’t figure that one out! Feel free to try it.

I think that’s it! … Have fun with MikuMikuDance!


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