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New MMD ACCESSORY MODE allows Easy Object Positioning

What is the MMD accessory mode? What’s new in MMD 8.03? Is there anything new in MikuMikuDance 8.03 that wasn’t in 7.39? How can I position MMD Accessories on my model?

MMD Accessory Mode was NEW in MMD 8.03!

MMD ACCESSORY MODE allows Easy Object Positioning

There was a feature introduced in MMD 8.03 that was NEW … was not a part of MMD 7.39 … a third “bone/manipulation mode”: Accessory. NOW you can load an accessory and affix it to your model in the AMP (accessory manipulation panel) … go to the X-Y-Z rollers, click Local – Global – Accessory (gasp) … and drag the rollers to move that accessory to exactly where you want it.

No more guessing about which number to try next! Keep making slight adjustments until you see it right where you want it … and then REGISTER. Wow … look at the precision of those position numbers in the AMP boxes. You’d never use numbers like that in MMD 7.39.

This is a real improvement over good ol’ MMD 7.39. Using the Accessory mode really speeds-up the animation process.  A BIG THANK YOU to the folks at VPVP!


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