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PMDE Parts Links help you create your MMD Selfie

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Your MMD Mirror:
Tips on Making Self-Models

These PMDE Parts Links help you
find what you need!

Once upon a Saturday morning, I was bored. (The story gets better, I promise!) I thought of MikuMikuDance. I opened it up, but then, after scrolling through my models, I wonder…what if I could make an animation of myself? Then it hit me. I should make a model of myself! Wouldn’t that be cool? I created a new folder for the model and then realized…wait. This is confusing. Which clothes should I choose? So many hairstyles! So many textures! What should my model look like? Jeans or skirt? (This only applies if you are a girl!)

In this article, I’ll give you some links to help you make a self model, or, as some people call them, “selfies“.

First, search Deviant Art for a good base that fits your taste. (Hey, that rhymes!) What kind of model do you like? Eto? Animasa? Piron? TDA? 3DCG? There are tons of bases on DeviantArt. Some bases are even combined to make an extra cool model! With all the options available, you’ll no doubt find your perfect base.


Textures are important! If you think about it, they’re all over a model. Eye textures, skin textures, hair textures, clothes textures…it’s a texture infestation!

While searching for textures for my self model, I found a HUGE texture packet by Mikitara on DeviantArt. Check it out!


You’ve gotta have clothes! There are tons of shirts, dresses, pants, and shoes available for your model. I’ll provide links for my favorites!

This awesome pack is full of…well, epic t-shirts! It has a whopping 35, so download it for your t-shirt needs sometime soon! By the way, this pack was also put together by Mikitara.


This super-cute skirt is puffy and is almost completely white, so it works excellent for textures! The skirt is by dA’s Amiamy111. This person has lots of other cool MMD stuff, so make sure to check it out!

Short Shorts!

This short shorts pack is super cute and they come in a variety of 9 colors! This pack is by dA’s Hollaback11.

Sailor Dress

This dress is for awesome sailors only!

It’s so cool that it even has a cherry bow! The dress was made by dA’s 9844.

Panda Sneakers!

It’s panda sneakers! … And who doesn’t love pandas?! These sneakers were made by dA’s Ayodan.


You’ve gotta have hair on your model…unless you’re bald!

This group  in the MikuMiku-Salon on Deviant Art has TONS of hairstyles. Plus, you can always change the textures to your liking.


Accessories are optional. I put some on my self model because it always looks a bit more interesting for me.I found this really cool link for an iPhone made by dA’s K-Chan619

So, utilizing, these items, next time you’re bored, and you want to try something new …

… Make yourself a Selfie!


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