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Professionally made models FOUND!

Sometimes… we wish that we could have the models in Project DIVA, Mitchie M’s Burenai Ai de, Arcade Future Tone, and use them, for once…
BUT, that’s going to happen right now!

Professionally made models FOUND!

After months and months of searching and searching, looking for the best riggers and model makers in deviantArt, I have found the best ones that look the best! And the most similar to the professional models! I have been wanting to share with you one of my biggest achievements in finding the best models that are hard or difficult to find.

You know models that look like these? Compare the differences and find the ones that look better. Fiddle with their toon files and spa’s and see if they look better, if they don’t, undo the changes.

I have come across the best artist on DA, and it’s Luke-Flame ( for the best looking Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone models.

He makes not just the default models, but also all of the customized models from Miku, Rin, Len, Meiko, Kaito and Luka, he doesn’t stop!

Just download the model and add a figure shader to it with MME, I recommend this one:

Make some adjustments to the lighting and it’ll look just like the game!

Also, the Burenai Ai De Model can be found right here! (finding the pass is easy, don’t give up!):

You can find a Project DIVA f2nd Miku here:


My favorite Arcade model I use is from Mikudaven, here:


Keep searching, and find the models that you think that look best and make your friends jealous~

There are many artists out there such as, Mikudaven, Pleumschool, Luka-Flame, ManJapanUniverse and so on.

Never give up on searching, look around, ask friends, ask artists, go around and find these things.

Plus, I didn’t forget about stages ^^:


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