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Use proper MMD Etiquette when Downloading Models for MMD

Keep The Faith MMD

Avoid the Dark Side …
Be on Good Terms with the MMD Community …
Keep MikuMikuDance free and alive …

Rules of MMD Etiquette

Easiest ways to avoid trouble:

See all of the rules, explained in detail …


The MMD enthusiasts who make our models deserve our protection! They let us use their creations … and we return the favor by leaving credits in our videos … and by not passing them off as our own.

There are plenty of hard-feelings out there within the MMD community. Too many MMDers are so excited to share the free goodies they have found online that they unthinkingly trample on the rights of the artists who created those goodies.

Keep the Faith-MMD is a push to educate MMDers as to the rules of proper MMD etiquette.
Learn the Rules … Be a Good MMDer!


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