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Rio Carnival Miku is my latest MMD Model Adoration Slideshow video

Rio Carnival Miku TDA edit by shiro-nekovocaloid is a beautiful model for the MMD Model Adoration Slideshow video.

Where can I download the Rio Carnival Miku MMD model? How can I make an MMD Model Adoration Slideshow video? Where can I find the Everglow Adios MMD Motion files?

Rio Carnival Miku TDA edit
by dA’s shiro-nekovocaloid is the subject of my latest MMD Model Adoration Slideshow video!

I am enjoying creating these “MMD Model Adoration Slideshow” videos; they allow the music to showcase the MMD model and the beautiful poses created by the the artist who created the original motion .vmd files for the animation.

Downloaded motion files often have very nice poses built into them but, when played in an MMD animation, they sweep-by very quickly and we hardly notice them. The MMD model adoration slideshow video allows me to focus upon those poses and show off the attributes of the subject model.

You can download Rio Carnival Miku, along with matching Haku and Luka models, from shiro-nekovocaloid’s dA page. Each of these three models is very detailed and, when used together, they slowed-down my computer big time! … and then add on top all of the effects I used in my original Everglow Adios animation,  and my MMD GUI refresh rate was down to 2 fps!

Slideshow image captures allow for detailed images of your model…

We MMDers just about never get to feature an animation that shows the details of our beautiful models. My “MMD model adoration slideshow video” technique allows just that: the celebration of the model’s features.

Showcase beautiful Pose moments within an animation!

My usual “slideshow” method is to create the MMD animation and Render to AVI and then play the video and PAUSE on the moments I want to capture as a “slide”. But for THIS presentation, I scrolled through my MMD animation in MMD and did a Render to Picture as a JPG for the slides I collected. The original camerawork was created to feature the THREE models onstage and, for this exercise, I wanted to keep my focus on only the one model.

Rio Carnival Miku works very well with the motion created by ureshiiiiii. Running this motion file, I saw very few, if any, collisions… you know: arm through the chin, hand poked into the model’s waist.

Now you know everything… Enjoy MikuMikuDance!


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