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Rules of Common MMD Models and How to NOT Break Them

Rules for Common MMD Models


What are the rules of TDA/Sour/YYB/Cham/Montecore models? What do these rules mean? How can I avoid breaking them?

Rules of Common MMD Models…
…and How to NOT Break Them

TDA, Sour, YYB, Cham, and Montecore are some of the most popular model types people like to use for models, but some of their rules can be confusing and are often broken (whether intentional or not). So here is a basic rundown of all of these model types’ rules, referencing directly from their original README.


(ReadMe from May 30,1013)


(ReadMe from March 26, 2019)


(ReadMe from August 27th, 2017; Terms update from December 28th, 2017)


(ReadMe from December 26, 2016)


(ReadMe from December 1, 2011)

Model creators…

… put in a lot of time and effort into their models, and they give it out to the MMD community for free. We need to start paying more attention to these modeler’s rules and respect them. More and more modelers are taking down their models and hiding them behind layers of passwords because of those that disrespect their terms. We are able to download these models for free, don’t take it for granted. Make it a point to READ those ReadMe.txt files included in your model’s folder so that you know the creator’s permissions… translate the ReadMe.txt file if you need to.


Please see LearnMMD’s “Keep the Faith-MMD” page to see a solid write-up about our responsibilities as MMDers who are downloading and using the original art of other artists.

Have fun with MikuMikuDance!


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