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Scrambled first frame of video must be Voodoo!

Why is the first frame of my new video scrambled? What causes that first frame of video to be full of static? Is there a fix for it? Why is it “sometimes” and not ALL the time?

Scrambled first frame of video…
… must be Voodoo!

It drives me crazy when I “Render to AVI”, anticipating that THIS is the final step… a beautiful new MMD video… only to find that the first frame of video is scrambled… full of static!

How can I beat that static… where does it come from?

I have no real idea!
… but I have been trying a technique that seems to work, more often than not:

Seems too simple…
… and how could this work?

I’ve got no idea how this can work… but I do seem to have success in avoiding that scrambled first frame. Could it be that my system starts to engage that compressor selection even before I click “OK”… and it’s not ready, yet, if I click “OK” to soon? For a little added insurance, I also hold down that OK button for a few moments before I release it. … I guess I feel that moving slowly rather than quickly tends to help to avoid that scramble. Like I said… Voodoo, not science!

Got a solution?
… Please let me know!

Please leave a comment if you have your OWN method for avoiding that scrambled first frame.




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