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Sexiest MMD Model Dance Motion you can Download

Where can I get the Sexiest MMD Model Dance Motion for my MMD model? How can I show-off my sexiest MMD model?  How do I make camerawork to show-off my MMD model?

The Sexiest MMD Model Dance Motion you can Download…

I run a FAMILY SHOW here on … so I used “the girl next door”, Hidaka Love Casual… You will have to IMAGINE your sexiest model wriggling her way through this dance production.

The Sexiest MMD Model Dance Motion you can Download!

I found THIS video the other day… a bit of KPOP by a group RED VELVET and the song “RBB … Really Bad Boy”.

Fun Music! … Fun Dance! … AND… there’s an MMD Download for the motion that includes a WAV File…
PASSWORD: I will follow the rules

DOWNLOAD is a bit tricky…

… lots of junk ads and “questionable pages”. AFTER trying that download link about 8 times, and getting this advertising page every time and then clicking on the SKIP AD button only to get to pages that my Security Software would block, I finally got to the page with the final link…

It’s a huge download… 

… because it includes the WAV file at its full length… again, sadly, the MMD motion file stops much before the song does.

A SEXY dance routine!

Wow! … Your model will be dancing and bouncing all over the place!


I created the one I used in my video… and I have it ready for YOU to DOWNLOAD.

The CAMERAWORK for a SEXY video means that you can get right in close to the visual action!

The MMD camera is way more maneuverable than a REAL camera… don’t be afraid to get right into what you want to show the audience! Zoom in close from odd angles if that’s what you want to do… have fun with it… be daring!

This is not much of a “shot” on this “girl next door” model, but imagine this view of YOUR model! Woo- hoo!

Have fun with the camerawork… make sudden scene close-ups that jump from one to another!

SOME Models may be too “Large” to dance this motion file!

Too funny, right… a bit TOO MUCH “flopping” may ensue if your MMD model is overly… “endowed”!

Trackdancer’s MMD Night Club Stage…

That’s an easy download…. and a fun stage! Use Background ON.mode 3 to put your own video into that window on the stage.

NOW you know everything… 

I hope you will download that motion…and my camera motion, too… Feel free to edit my camera motion file.

If you upload a video, please leave a link in the comments, below…

Oh yes… that TETO model in the background…

If you NEED a sexy model… That Gorgeous Poster model in the background: Murabito124’s MMD Tda Teto Bikini Type-B

Have FUN with MikuMikuDance!



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